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Signs and symptoms of depression in pregnancy, what are the treatment options for add/adhd and dyslexia - Plans Download

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Postpartum Depression or PPD is a kind of disorder that affects an estimated 20% of women after childbirth.
Among other signs of postpartum depression the new mother exhibits loss of interest in people, events and places including her baby. In some cases they lack interest in sex and withdraw from any physical, emotional and psychological contacts with her spouse, relatives, friends and colleagues, and a loss or excessive attention to her baby. While the issue on postpartum depression has been regarded as a flaw or weakness of character in the past which mothers were reluctant to talk about.
While medical science has not discovered one single cause for postpartum depression, some factors play a role in the formation of this mental disorder. Researchers have theorized that drastic change in blood pressure and a weak immune system are also some of the contributing factors which can lead to fatigue and mood swings which is usually seen in this type of depression.
Mothers who feel unsure about her ability to take care of the new baby have difficulties in coping with small problems and results in sleeplessness and anxiety attacks.
Researchers have found that children whose mothers suffered from an untreated case of postpartum depression are most likely to have behavioral problems such as Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder or ADHD, temper tantrums, and sleeping and eating problems. If a woman feels she has postpartum depression, she should not be ashamed to consult her ob-gyne especially if the the depression is severe enough to prevent her from performing her daily tasks and if it has lasted for more than two weeks. The doctor may start by asking the patient questions about the condition of the patient’s emotions, the quality of her life, and her eating and sleeping pattern. This is not considered serious though, as it is only part of the hormonal changes and will only last in a month or so.

Some of the symptoms of PPD include constant feeling of hopelessness or sadness alongside feelings of worthlessness and guilt.
Some may not be able to concentrate on simple things and in some cases this apparent excessive sadness will lead to suicidal thoughts. Today it is now seen as a legitimate medical condition and controlling its signs and symptoms can now be easily treated if diagnosed early with the assistance of competent mental health care professionals. For an effective treatment of postpartum depression immediate medical intervention if important. When postpartum depression has been established and diagnosed, the doctor may prescribe antidepressants and and a referral to a psychiatrist or a mental health expert. She needs to take a break from her daily tasks and make time for herself but she should avoid being alone. Within a period of 3-6 months most patients recover with proper medication, good counseling and support from family members and friends. Is Depressed An too soon Sign Of gestation Real Women Share Their Symptoms From Ovulation To Testing early symptoms of pregnancy depression early symptoms of pregnancy depression Symptoms of pregnancy and slump are most similar in the first trimester of gestation from the. Women in their primary reproductive years between ages of 25 to 45 are more susceptible to experience depression - but are more particularly vulnerable during pregnancy or after childbirth.
And during this time, the disorder may have affected not only the mother but the rest of the family.
If the signs of postpartum depression are ignored, it can result in dangerous behavior, actions and thoughts.

The sessions with the psychiatrist will help the new mother to cope and deal better with the depression as well as how to solve problems and goal setting to total recovery.
This may increase the risk of developing blood clots in the lungs or legs and a decrease in the patient’s production of breast milk.
Other factors which lead to this type of depression can include lack of family support especially from her partner, difficulty in breastfeeding, money problems and the demands of other older siblings or the new baby. It can affect a mother’s relationship with her child and will cause stress and tension within the family.
It starts to occur within the first few months after childbirth, and affects 1 out of 10 new mothers.
World Health Organization How soon can you know if you're pregnant Learn the vulgar early signs of pregnancy from WebMD.
Pregnancy depression is most probably to rear its head either during early signs of postnatal depression the first The symptoms of imprint include feelings of sorrowfulness.

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