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Side effects from statin drugs, natural help for menopausal depression - Reviews

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Statins are a class of medications many times prescribed to help lower cholesterol levels in a person's blood.
Statin medications work by blocking the action of the liver enzyme that is responsible for producing cholesterol. Chart showing potential side-effects of statin medicationsThe majority of people who take statin medications tolerate them well. Additional side-effects of statin medications may include mental confusion, memory loss, high blood sugar, and type 2 diabetes. People who take statin medications and experience unexplained muscle or joint pain, weakness or tenderness need to contact their doctor immediately. Chart showing new statin guidelinesNew statin guidelines, introduced by America's leading heart experts, might greatly expand the numbers of people who take statins.
People who are between the ages of 40 and 75 with an estimated 10 year risk of heart disease of 7.5% or greater will also be advised to take a statin medication. Statin medications such as Zocor, Crestor, and Lipitor are the most effective medications for reducing cholesterol and should be combined with changes in a person's lifestyle for best results. Approximately one-third of adults who are at risk of a stroke or heart attack have not received a diagnosis and might benefit from primary intervention, to include taking a statin.
The benefits of using simvastatin are already proved but all effective medicines however have their side effects.
In muscle and skeleton simvastatin side effects are related to the impact it has on elevating the enzymes such as creatine kinase and transaminases. Blood is also affected by simvastatin side effects, as HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors impact to figured elements of the blood (RBC, WBC, PLT).
Urinary screening has made possible the detection of renal side effect using simvastatin (myoglobinuria).
The only cardiovascular side effect reported is angina pectoris but simvastatin use has led to lower mortality. Simvastatin can cause hypersensitivity and immunologic side effects too (including depression, anxiety, libido, insomnia). We provide accurate and independent information on prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines & natural products.

Before I go on, in case you’re interested, I have blogged on the issue of statins before here and here. The saddest part of all is how many thousands if not millions of other people are suffering from these effects as I write this and don’t have people who understand what is going on to help them. I had my initial consultation today in your office and will never forget your face (and Neal’s) when I told you my 3 year, yes 3 year experience with statins.
There are some people who experience side-effects from taking this type of medication however. The risk of muscle injury increases when certain other medications are taken along with statins.
Women who are pregnant, or people with active or chronic liver disease, should not use statins. Doctors are being told to no longer adhere to rigid clinical guidelines that prompt the administration of a statin medication when a person's cholesterol levels reach a certain point.
Experts are saying the new rule could greatly change the numbers of people who will be advised to take a statin.
Neil Stone, Professor of Medicine at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine stated, "We focused specifically on the use of cholesterol-lowering therapy to determine what works best to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke." Dr.
The approach is better than attempting to get cholesterol as low as possible by combining statin medications with other types of drugs.
Lloyd-Jones also stated that people at risk of a stroke or heart attack within the next 10 months should receive immediate drug therapy and be encouraged to make changes in their lifestyle. The users should be informed about the clinical signs of simvastatin side effects and if they have any of them, they must contact the doctor. Simvastatin side effects include fatty changes in liver and other worsening hepatic failure.
My father was prescribed statins in rehab–and quickly plateaued in his progress recovering from a stroke.
Studies have shown that in certain people, statins reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, and death due to heart disease by 25-35%. For example, if a person takes a combination of a statin and a fibrate, which is another cholesterol-reducing medication, their risk of muscle damage increases when compared to someone who takes only the statin medication.

People who take statin medications need to inform their doctor of any over-the-counter or prescription drugs, vitamins, or herbal supplements they take or plan on taking.
Instead, people will be advised to take a statin if their LDL cholesterol is extremely high, if they already have heart disease, or if they are middle-aged with type 2 diabetes.
Experts from the American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology studied data over a 4 year period of time related to heart disease care.
Matching people with the appropriate level of statin therapy is more important than achieving a specific target number as formerly pursued.
People who experience a lower risk of stroke or heart attack should receive counseling, he said, and make changes in their lifestyles; they most likely do not need statin therapy. And I truly believe that statins will go down in history as one of the biggest pharmaceutical health blunders of all time. The doctor said nothing to Bob about the possible and likely side effects from statin treatment. As I see it, he should pour a bottle of statins down the doctors gullet and make him wait 60 days to see how he feels.
Studies have also shown that statins may reduce the chances of recurrent heart attacks or strokes by around 40%.It is estimated that in addition to the people who are already taking them, another 15-20 million people should be taking statin medications based upon their factors for heart disease. The person's kidneys may become damaged as they attempt to eliminate a large amount of muscle breakdown caused by the statin medication.
The new criteria for who should take a statin also now factors in a person's risk of experiencing a stroke, something experts think might also boost the numbers of those who will be deemed eligible for statin use.
Since what Bob was experiencing were common side effects, I find it completely unacceptable that he recommended Bob wait, in pain, for 30 days!
In fact, the only other person who has complained of pain while using it is also on statins.

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