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Before going into the specific risk reduction strategies its important to know the initial risks that a person may face of getting schizophrenia. The take home message is that if you have a family history of mental illness it would likely be beneficial to take some reasonable steps to reduce or avoid exposure to the risk factors -- especially those factors involved in pregnancy, prenatal care and early child care. This site does not provide medical or any other health care or fitness advice, diagnosis, or treatment.
The Path to Schizophrenia - The diagram above shows how biological, genetic and prenatal factors are believed to create a vulnerability to schizophrenia. Additional environmental factors and stresses later in life (during childhood, adolescence and young adulthood) can either damage the already vulnerable brain further and trigger schizophrenia or lessen the expression of neurodevelopmental defects and decrease the risk of schizophrenia.
In the general population, for someone who has no family history of mental illness, the average risk is estimated at approximately 1% (and therefore a 99% probability that the person will not get schizophrenia). Therefore, for the average person with no family history of schizophrenia or mental illness most of these risk factors may not make a significant difference in terms of total risk of schizophrenia which remains low.

The site and its services, including the information above, are for informational purposes only and are not a substitute for professional medical or health advice, examination, diagnosis, or treatment. In fact experts now say that schizophrenia (and all other mental illness) is caused by a combination of biological, psychological and social factors, and this understanding of mental illness is called the bio-psycho-social model.
The exact process by which environmental factors and stress gets translated into brain changes and ultimately psychosis or schizophrenia is increasingly thought to be a result of epigenetics, and recent research suggests exactly how stress might trigger these brain changes. There is no specific amount of genetic or environmental input that has been identified that will ensure someone will or will not develop schizophrenia so it is never to late or too early to begin planning for your mental health and that of your children. If someone who is genetically related to a person in the extended family that does have schizophrenia, then the risk is higher - and the chart below provides a rough estimate of that risk. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health professional before starting any new treatment, making any changes to existing treatment, or altering in any way your current exercise or diet regimen. In the healthy family only 6% of the children developed schizophrenia, whereas approximately 37% of the children of dysfunctional families developed schizophrenia (read full report on study here - A Healthy Family Social Environment May Reduce Schizophrenia Risk by 86% in High Risk Groups).

If, for example, you have an aunt or uncle who developed schizophrenia, then your risk (on average) is estimated at approximately 3% (and therefore there is a 97% probability you won't get schizophrenia). Please note that the following information is targeted at optimizing children's mental health in general, not just avoidance of schizophrenia. Even for the situation where one parent has schizophrenia the risk is estimated at 13% for a child, which means there is an 87% probability that the person will not develop schizophrenia. If a family has a history of more than one person developing schizophrenia then the risk goes up. People who have a strong history of mental illness in their family may want to consider genetic counseling in addition to the schizophrenia prevention tactics identified below.

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