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The day that changed model and actress Jessica-Jane Clement’s life started ordinarily enough. Jess was told her hearing loss was most probably due to viral labyrinthitis — a swelling of the labyrinth or inner ear, caused by a viral infection. These conditions can include ear infections, an obstruction of the ear canal (either wax or foreign objects like earwigs), age-related hearing loss, stress, nasal infections, abnormal growth of the ear bones, blood vessel disorders, a wide variety of neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis or Meniere's disease.
Your inner ear's cochlea is lined with thousands of fine, hair-like cells that vibrate when exposed to sound waves. Quinine and some of the other anti-malarial drugs can occasionally cause damage to the ear when given in high or prolonged doses, such as in the treatment of malaria.
For those that already suffer from Tinnitus, there is no FDA-approved medication available to treat it, though treating the underlying cause often relieves the ringing.

Leesa Barrell (pictured) woke up one morning unable to hear out of her right earInitially, Leesa, 45, who lives in Norwich with Lee, 49, a school caretaker, and their son Ashlee, 12, thought the problem was probably caused by a wax blockage and would correct itself within a few days.But when it didn’t, a week after her first symptoms she went to see her GP and was referred to an ear, nose and throat consultant.
The specialist dropped a bombshell — she had lost the hearing in her right ear, possibly for good.‘At that point I became very tearful. Whatever the cause, losing your hearing suddenly can be ‘very traumatic’ says Mr Phillips.‘Hearing loss usually occurs in one ear so people get scared it will happen in the other ear, too. They often get balance problems because the inner ear contains the balance organ, the labyrinth, too.
Steroids are currently the only treatment option to help patients regain some hearing — they can improve the outcome, in some cases, if taken within two weeks and are thought to help by calming inflammation.They used to be given orally, but the latest thinking is to inject steroids directly into the eardrum.
A few hours later when the ringing wore off, she realised her hearing in that ear had gone.‘It was so quick,’ recalls Jess, now 27, who recently married hairdresser Lee Stafford.

But in some cases, such as Leesa’s, there is no clear explanation.The hearing organ, the cochlea, is found deep in the inner ear. Without them I could have been deaf in that ear my whole life.’A couple of weeks after finishing the course she regained 50 per cent of her hearing in her right ear, but nonetheless needed to have a hearing aid fitted.
The impression I got was it was just one of those things, and would resolve itself.’However, her symptoms worsened.

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