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Ringing in guitar string, emerging pharmacological treatments for hearing loss and tinnitus - Review

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Be sure to check the action of the strings too, checking for any angle as you go up the neck, and if there is, this is a much simpler fix.
If the nut is the problem then raise the nut by replacing it with a new one for your type of guitar.
There are a few measurements you can take to make sure that the action will be constant from one end of the guitar to the other if you can't trust your eye.
While the guitar is still de-stringed, measure from the highest part of the grooves in the nut.
Just by looking at your guitar while the strings are on you can learn a lot, from where the action might be off kilter, to what specific frets are buzzing, and on what strings.
Electric guitar only: Don't unscrew anything not mentioned here, unless you want to remove your bridge, pickguard, neck or cord jack. Electric guitars, Jazz guitars, Acoustic steel string models and vinyl stringed classical guitars are all different when it comes to this particular type of part. Take that last measurement you took, add that number to the distance between the fretboard near the high frets (from the wood of the surface of the fretboard to the body of the guitar) (electric or acoustic, same formula) which is usually around less than half a centimeter if you're too lazy for that. Then find the distance between where the strings rest on the bridge to the body of the guitar, you want the one the half-centimeter is added to, to match the distance between the string rests on the bridge to the body. If you’ve taken a look at Musician’s Friends huge assortment of guitar strings, you’ve likely realized that there’s a lot to consider in figuring out which strings are right for you and your instrument.
Typically, guitar shops that do repair on the side have nuts for sale, just bring your guitar and find the match for your original, then the guitar person or you can de-string, pull off the nut (glue solvent may be needed here) and glue on the new nut with super glue, be careful with the placement though. Classical GuitarsThe first basic distinction to make is the difference between classical and flamenco guitars fitted with nylon strings versus steel string acoustics—the type associated with rock, folk, country, and blues.

The neck construction and top bracing of classical and flamenco guitars are not designed to handle the far greater tension produced by steel strings. String gauge has a big influence on playability and sound.Note that classical guitar strings are also designated according to their tension. A big dreadnought or jumbo will generally sound better with medium-gauge strings that take fuller advantage of their relatively larger sound chambers. If most of your playing involves hard strumming, medium-gauge strings will likely be a better choice, though they may prove a little more challenging to new players’ fingers. If your playing is a mix of strumming and fingerpicking, a light-medium string set may be a good choice.
Since piezo-based systems are non-magnetic, string materials may have less impact on your sound and ordinary acoustic guitar or classical guitar strings will work well. That said, their softer, mellower tone and excellent touch response has been used to good effect by all kinds of guitarists including jazz and country players—Willie Nelson being a prime example.Some new players choose nylon string guitars in the belief they will be easier on their fingers. However, all new players experience some tenderness in their fingertips regardless of the guitar they choose. Provided the guitar’s action is properly adjusted for optimal playability, the new player should soon develop enough calluses so that tenderness is no longer an issue.
A nylon string guitar should be selected on the basis of your musical interests, not because of initial ease of play.Because nylon strings tend to stretch more than steel strings, they require more frequent tuning, especially when newly installed. They are also more sensitive to atmospheric changes caused by humidity and temperature.Classical Guitar String Tension DesignationsWhile classical guitar strings are sold in sets with specified gauges, they are also marketed according to each set’s tension ratings. Unfortunately, there is no clear-cut standard for these ratings, so a certain amount of experimentation among different string brands may be necessary to find what works for you.

Complicating matters further, some packaged string sets mix and match tensions among the strings while only listing a single tension designation on the package.
One recommended way to find the tension that’s right for your playing style and guitar is to first zero in on your preferred brand and wound string material. But if you want to explore tension in greater depth, and learn how to calculate the tension of a given string, D’Addario Strings has a very useful PDF here.Nylon String MaterialsIt should first be pointed out that calling them “nylon” strings is a bit misleading. As noted below, there are several different materials that go into what more properly could be called classical guitar strings. You’ll also notice that the bass strings are constructed differently from the trebles.Until the 1940s, classical guitar strings were made using the intestines of cows or sheep. Some manufacturers refer to them as “silver” strings.Roundwound strings are by far the most popular and common winding method found on classical guitar bass strings.
Some manufacturers polish roundwound strings to flatten the top of the winding, resulting in a smoother feel and less finger noise.Most classical guitar strings have straight ends and are designed to be tied on to classical guitar bridges.
Funny, I walked into Guitar Center with 2 grand cash on me for an acoustic about 6 months ago.

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