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The symptoms of Tinnitus are relatively common and are believed to affect around 12 million Americans – with nearly 1 million of those individuals coping with severe Tinnitus symptoms on a regular basis. Tinnitus Sufferers have tried for a long time to find ways to control the ringing in their ears by consulting doctors, using medications, home remedies, etc. One of the biggest hurdles that healthcare providers face in diagnosing and treating Tinnitus is the fact that ear ringing can be caused by so many different things, some of which include: trauma to the head or ears, neurological damage, allergies, foreign objects, loud noise exposure, ear infections, or a wide variety of other things including bite force or dental-related force imbalances. Sometimes, in the absence of a readily apparent root cause for the ear ringing sensations, Tinnitus symptoms can be directly traced back to bite force imbalance or general disharmony between dental-related forces.

If you suffer from Tinnitus symptoms such as these and wish to determine if bite force imbalance or other dental-related forces are at the root of the problem we can help. To achieve long lasting relief from pain and other symptoms associated with Tinnitus the smart choice is getting comprehensively and correctly diagnosed by our qualified staff at MHRPA right from the start. With cutting-edge diagnostic tools and examination the root causes of your unique Tinnitus symptoms can be revealed. Our Drug-FREE, Injection-FREE tinnitus treatments work because the treatments focus on eliminating the root causes behind your unique tinnitus symptoms and pain.

The reality is that determining the root cause of Tinnitus is sometimes very straight-forward and at other times extremely challenging.

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