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Remedies for fatigue and dizziness, severe bone pain and fatigue - Try Out

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Olive Leaf Extract Olive leaf extract is considered as one of the best herbal remedies for different health related issues.
Rosemary Rosemary tea can be consumed to stimulate blood circulation and get relief from fatigue and mild depression.The problem of fatigue caused by muscle and nerve pain can be treated with the application of rosemary essential oil on the affected areas. Siberian ginseng is also known as “Eleuthero”.Consumption of tea containing dry siberian ginseng root can help in reducing the symptoms associated with fatigue. Tea prepared by boiling licorice powder in water for a period of 3 to 5 minutes can be consumed to cure the problem of fatigue. The problem of fatigue may result in weakness, dizziness, loss of consciousness and so on.Fatigue can be considered as a feeling of lack of motivation and energy.

John’s wort has been used traditionally as an effective herbal treatment for sleeping disorders. Intake of this extract can help in improving the immune system and reducing the symptoms associated with fatigue. Licorice root can also be consumed with cinnamon, honey and peppermint leaves to obtain effective results.
Astragalus tea and tincture can also help in boosting energy and improving the immune system. John’s wort can help in the treatment of symptoms (such as depression and insomnia) associated with chronic fatigue syndrome.

You can consume a mixture prepared by boiling grated ginger and cinnamon bark in a cup of water for a period of 5 to 10 minutes to deal with problem of fatigue resulting from fever.It is important to consume this mixture only after a period of 30 to 35 minutes of the preparation.

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