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Rehab for depression, lipoflavonoid review - Reviews

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Rob Kardashian has been admitted to rehab for the treatment of depression, according to reports. Rob has been rumoured to have been battling weight gain and depression for several months now, and he did not take part in the recent family holiday to Thailand.
The source added that  the 27-year-old has been in the treatment centre for a month, and is feeling better. The Delray Center for Healing offers a continuum of care for depression ranging from outpatient treatment to an unmatched comprehensive treatment program. Australian swimming great Ian Thorpe has been admitted to rehab after suffering from depression, local media said on Monday.

The five-times Olympic champion, who made his Games debut as a teenager in Sydney in 2000, retired in 2006 citing waning motivation and made a comeback early in 2011 but failed to make the Australian team for London. Erskine said Thorpe was taking anti-depressants and medication for a shoulder injury but was not under the influence of alcohol.
There are a number of unconfirmed reports that Rob Kardashian is suffering from depression and drug addiction.
We offer a safe, healing environment for individuals suffering with Depression and co-occurring disorders. Our multi-disciplinary approach to treatment targets ever aspect of depression and the many factors that contribute to maintaining and often exasperating the condition.

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