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One of the changes I encourage patients to make in their lives after receiving chiropractic care is to stop sleeping on their stomach. The fact is, wrenching your head and neck in this way for even just a few minutes while sleeping can significantly strain the muscles and ligaments of the spine. I sleep on my stomach, but i also sleep on my pillow with it being braced on a slight angle from my sternum up to my head. Wow I’ve been experiencing exactly the same thing as Daniel described only just recently after sleeping on my stomach for years.
I use a memory foam pillow and sometimes I lay with my arms wrapped under my pillow and my head turned sideways and sometimes I sleep with my forehead and eyes burried in the pillow to keep my neck in a neutral position. I seem to find sleeping on my stomach so much more comfy, though I’m actually dealing with pulled muscles in my lower back right now. I think many people are not looking at some reasons why some people may sleep on their stomachs. I recently realized that if I sleep on my stomach with my left arm above my head, & my right arm by my side.
I’ve slept on my stomach since i was 8 months old and havent noticed an problems till this last year. When an expecting mother goes to bed she is actually sleeping for two, that means you need quality sleep and rest.
If you have been sleeping on your stomach all your life and despite all feedback and warnings you just cannot sleep in other position then here are some tips that will help you avoid any potential complications.

Regardless of your sleep problems, a consistent sleep routine and improved sleep habits will translate into better sleep over the long term. Repeatedly doing so every night for years slowly adds pressure to the joints and nerves, contributing to spinal degeneration and allowing for the development of a variety of health problems.
I find sleeping on the side less intrusive in changing the position but I find it hard to adjust to. One would be a pillow under the stomach and that your head is arched down as opposed to up and not on the side. One is their room may have too much light and sleeping on their stomach would have their eyes closer to a pillow and would make it generally darker than it would be if it were to the side or ceiling.
You cannot even imagine to sleep on your stomach in the latter months, you need to avoid this posture during early pregnancy too. A medical study suggests that sleeping on your left side when you’re pregnant can increase healthy blood flow and provide the optimum oxygen levels for you and your baby. You can address many common sleep problems through lifestyle changes and improved sleep hygiene. Having a pillow between your legs when you sleep to your side will help with the shoulder problem you are having.
I always end up sore when I sleep on my side, one night I was cold and decided to sleep on my stomach and I have ever since. It can be side sleeping, sleeping on your stomach and the recommended posture sleeping on your back.

When you sleep on your stomach you may avoid snoring but you end up straining your neck and back.
The pains will not provide a deep sleep, you will wake up with pricking pain and you are tired in the morning due to insufficient sleep. People with RLS would probably experience some relief in this position because it restricts their body the most from movement. I remember trying a fews times, once when I was dead tired, and I laid awake for almost an hour before deciding to flip over to my stomach. It started causing problems with the nerves in my arms, & causing SEVERE pain from the shoulders down.
When you sleep on your stomach you are putting a big load on your spine which is not in recommended posture. Some people with anxiety may feel more protected in this position because the front of their body isn’t exposed. I think it’s important to know why these people may be sleeping this way rather than just criticize the position.

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