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Prevalence of major depressive disorder in ireland, how to cure atrial fibrillation - For You

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According to a systematic review of data and statistics from community studies in European Union (EU) countries, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland: 27% of the adult population (here defined as aged 18–65) had experienced at least one of a series of mental disorders in the past year (this included problems arising from substance use, psychoses, depression, anxiety, and eating disorders). Mental disorders are by far the largest contributor to chronic conditions afflicting the population of Europe. Unipolar depressive disorder alone led to 11% of all YLD, making it the leading chronic condition in Europe. GPs play a major role in identification, diagnosis and referral for severe mental disorders, but in most countries specialists are expected to give treatment, with GPs playing a supportive role.

52% report that GPs diagnose such disorders: 11 of the 15 countries belonging to the European Union (EU) before May 2004 (73%) and 5 of the 12 countries that joined the EU afterwards (42%). Yet even these figures are likely to underestimate the scale of the problem, as only a limited number of disorders were included and it did not collect data on those aged over 65, a group that is at particular risk. 32% of those affected had one additional mental disorder, while 18% had two and 14% three or more.
According to the most recent available data (2012), neuropsychiatric disorders rank as the first cause of years lived with disability (YLD) in Europe, accounting for 36.1% of those attributable to all causes.

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