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Crashing fatigue during perimenopause is more frequently due to physical problems than psychological. Furthermore crashing fatigue during perimenopause can be caused by dropping hormone levels. Natural medication can also be taken to help women with their crashing fatigue during perimenopause.
Crashing fatigue during perimenopause can be extremely debilitating, women should be aware that there are ways to tackle this troublesome symptom. Fatigue is one of the most commonly reported symptoms of menopause, and it affects as many as 80% of women every day.
If you’re looking for alternatives to hormone therapy to treat your symptoms of perimenopause, today’s sponsored post will be of great interest to you!

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Magnolia is a passionate and loyal advocate for women who are struggling with hormone imbalance during perimenopause, but can't seem to get the help they need and want from the medical community.
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When estrogen and progesterone hormone levels become imbalanced during perimenopause then fatigue and crashing fatigue occurs.
Although it has not been scientifically shown to assist with perimenopausal crashing fatigue some women report it to be extremely helpful.
This is because perimenopause is the period when women are learning how to cope with their menopause symptoms and may not have found the correct treatments yet.

For example the natural herb Macafem stimulates the body to produce estrogen hormones, which then stimulates cortisol, helping to battle crashing fatigue. Click here to read more about the different treatments to help with crashing fatigue during perimenopause. Michelle has been having trouble with vertigo and dizziness in perimenopause, along with balance issues, brain fog, and feeling spaced out.
Personally, I think the primary reason is the simple “craziness” of perimenopause in general.

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