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The University of Pennsylvania Health System has just kicked off its first-ever test of continuous, wearable patient monitoring, and the three-week pilot is being conducted with real inpatients in a hospital ward. Monday, Penn Medicine launched a small-scale test of a wearable vitals monitor in a medical-surgical unit for cancer patients, Associate CIO Jim Beinlich confirmed to MedCity News. The Hospitals of the University of Pennsylvania-Penn Presbyterian are ranked among the top hospitals in the United States by U.S. On February 4, 2015, Penn Medicine's Level 1 Trauma Center moved from the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania to the Pavilion for Advanced Care at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center. The Pavilion for Advanced Care (PAC) is a new addition to the Penn Presbyterian Medical Center campus.

In August 2014, Penn Medicine University City (PMUC) opened and began providing seamless, integrated care to patients. Penn Presbyterian Medical Center ranks as one of the region's premier medical facilities, combining state-of-the art technology with personalized care from outstanding physicians and staff.
The hospital offers patients leading-edge medical programs in several specialty areas, including cardiology, cancer, family medicine, internal medicine, ophthalmology, orthopaedics, radiology and imaging, and surgery. Penn Medicine University City is an advanced treatment and outpatient facility that brings a multitude of specialties together, all under one roof. Located at 38th and Market Streets, Penn Medicine University City includes 200,000 square feet of exam rooms, outpatient operating rooms for same-day surgeries, as well as an outpatient radiology center.

This facility is also home to the Penn Musculoskeletal Center, merging specialists from orthopaedics, rheumatology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, internal medicine, pain medicine and radiology — the first of its kind in Philadelphia. If Penn Medicine determines that the new technology is more practical and cost-effective than traditional systems and keeps the system in place beyond three weeks, then the IT department will look at connecting the monitors to the EHR. Penn Presbyterian is also a regional leader in performing minimally-invasive and robotic-assisted surgery.

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