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O ring pressure relief valve, anxiety depression meds - Try Out

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The base of the new Dual O-ring Pressure Relief Valve is equipped with hexagonal sides for easy installation with a standard wrench and the valve stem incorporates a hex socket for adjustment without the need of a special spanner tool. New Cornelius Keg Lid with New pressure relief valve (lid o-ring included)Perfect option to add a manual PRV to a Pin Lock keg, or replace an old lid at a great price! Overall: Still highly recommend, such a pain to keep an extra tool around to release pressure on the pin lock style lids, this replacement lid is so worth it!

The Caleffi 312 range of safety relief valves are WRAS approved and are designed to protect hot water cylinders and boilers in domestic hot water and heating systems. I probably didn't NEED it and it added some cost to my 'loose handle' kegs but it's a lot better than sitting there with a screwdriver pushed on the poppet valve!
Valves are set to a certain pressure (bar g) and when the system reaches this pressure the valve is designed to open to release the pressure ensuring the system does not exceed its maximum safety limits.

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