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New Delhi: The marital discord between Sunanda Pushkar and Union minister of state for HRD Shashi Tharoor had become so acute that the lady had refused to eat for the last two days, and was on surviving on alcohol and sleeping pills only, staff working for the minister told the Sub-divisional magistrate on Friday night at the hotel. When you go without sleep for 20 to 25 hours, your performance impairment is similar to that of someone with a blood-alcohol level of 0.10 percent.

After two days of no sleep, Cralle said, the body begins compensating by shutting down for microsleeps, episodes that last from half a second to half a minute and are usually followed by a period of disorientation. While the occasional lack of sleep may not seem like a big deal, the impact of sleep deprivation can be intense and its effects can linger.

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