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That’s according to Washington State University (WSU) researchers in the United States who have conducted the largest study yet of the sleep disorder, previously believed to be rare. But Sharpless and his colleagues found that about 18% of the 211 undergraduate college students they interviewed had experienced the problem at least once in their lives. No one knows for sure what causes EHS, but researchers suspect it stems from problems with the brain’s process of turning off for sleep.
Instead of shutting down properly, the auditory neurons are believed to fire all at once, causing the imaginary sounds.

Experts with the American Sleep Association (ASA) say that EHS may be linked to high stress and extreme fatigue, though similar conditions can be caused by certain medications. People who think they have EHS should consult a doctor for a diagnosis – and to rule out any other problems, Sharpless said. Exploding head syndrome can lead to sleeping as well as psychological problems such as a panic disorder and depression. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

Neither have most doctors, said Brian Sharpless, the WSU assistant professor of psychology who led the study published recently in the Journal of Sleep Research.

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