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Noise in headset, hearing damage symptoms - For Begninners

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6:17 am June 14, 2013 By Julian Horsey Creative has this week unveiled new additions to its range of Creative Sound Blaster headsets with the unveiling of the new EVO Zx and ZxR which are both fitted with an integrate SB-Axx1 processor for audio intelligence. The Sound Blaster EVO ZxR wireless headset is priced at $300 and is equipped with Active Noise Cancellation and 50mm drivers and the Sound Blaster EVO Zx are priced at $230 and are equipped with 40mm drivers.
The new S1 Digital general aviation headset was specially developed for pilots of single- and twin-engine propeller aircraft respectively helicopter and ensures safe and reliable voice communication, easy control, outstanding audio quality, and wearing comfort. The fantastic headset from Sensear which designed with the purposes of preventing Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) and letting you able to communicate in high noise environments such as party, bars and disco.

In addition, you also can answer your mobile phone clearly with its noise suppression element. In simply words, this Sensear headphone manages to separate the ambient noise from speech itself.
With a push of button the headset adapts to the noise environment in the cockpit within seconds.
The Bluetooth wireless interface lets you connect your headset to a cell phone and MP3 player and makes listening above the clouds an unforgettable experience.

Coupled with its dual earpieces, it means external noise and distractions become a thing of the past. Innovative extra features include a Quick Call facility, which allows you to control the flow of calls to your headset without returning to your desk, while its single cord prevents tangled wires.

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