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Neuromonics tinnitus treatment review, herbal treatment of tinnitus - Review

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Neuromonics, the maker of the FDA-cleared Oasis tinnitus treatment device, has introduced the Neuromonics SanctuaryTM, funded with a US Army development grant. Neuromonics Sanctuary is designed to help patients, particularly those in the military, who have mild to moderate tinnitus.
The Sanctuary provides relief of tinnitus symptoms by combining relaxing music with a customized neural stimulus, explained Amann.

Like Oasis, Sanctuary is not a masking device, explains Amann, but rather works to promote new neural connections that will allow the brain to help filter out the tinnitus perception.
Whereas the Sanctuary provides situational relief, the Oasis, combined with the Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment, is a long-term treatment program for those with more severe tinnitus. The company says that individuals should use the Sanctuary at times when their tinnitus is bothersome.

Patients with mild or moderate tinnitus disturbance can experience relief within minutes of their tinnitus assessment, Amann stated.

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