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Entire Leg Pain or Sciatica Pain- Cause of the pain is mostly in the vertebral column, spinal cord or retroperitoneal tissue in lumbar segment. Partial Leg Pain- Partial leg pain spreads over hip, knee and ankle joint as well skin and soft tissue between joint. Sciatica pain of entire leg is caused by irritation or pinch of lumbar 3rd, 4th, 5th and sacral S1 nerve. Pain caused by abnormality of S1 (sacral first) nerve spreads over entire leg, feet and outer 3 toes. Partial leg pain up to thigh is caused by pinch or irritation of first or second lumbar spinal nerve. Common Peroneal Nerve Injury- Common peroneal nerve gives branch to knee joint and legs below the knee joint. Segmental Pain- It is in lower leg mostly around hip, knee, ankle, foot and toes and is caused by tendon inflammation or injury. Fibromyalgia patients experience a series of fibromyalgia symptoms of varying intensities that wax and wane over time.
The good news is that reduction in sleep disturbance is usually followed by improvement in pain symptoms. There may also be an association between fibromyalgia and restless legs syndrome (RLS), a neurological sensorimotor disorder characterized by an overwhelming urge to move the legs when they are at rest. RLS is more general among patients with fibro myalgia and those with rheumatoid arthritis than among people who don't have these conditions. It is possible to experience symptoms similar to fibromyalgia symptoms if a person is suffering from sleep apnea. Neck and shoulder pain are symptoms commonly associated with inflammation caused by viral myositis.

Treatment for myositis depends largely on the type of virus involved and the severity of symptoms. I was involved briefly with a married helicopter pilot (claiming to be in the middle of a divorce) who had been complaining of extreme leg cramps that would make him wake up in the middle of the night. Pinch of third, fourth, fifth lumbar nerve and first sacral nerve causes severe acute stabbing pain in entire leg also known as sciatica. Obturator nerve injury causes numbness over inner side of thigh and weakness in adduction (bringing leg together). Common peroneal nerve injury causes stabbing and sharp pain in knee joint and lower leg below knee joint. Lower leg segmental pain caused by ligament injury or disease is spread over hip, knee, ankle or joints over foot and toes.
For people with fibro myalgia, the combination of pain and sleep disturbance is a double-edged sword: the pain makes sleep more hard and sleep deprivation exacerbates pain.
An awareness of this association will help doctors look for and manage RLS symptoms among patients with fibromyalgia. The physician asks about the patient's history and symptoms and examines different muscles to locate tender sites. Patients with minor pain and low fevers are prescribed antiviral medications and instructed to get plenty of rest until symptoms resolve. She had the typical flu symptoms like fever and fatigue, along with tenderness in her calves. We had her checked out and the pediatrician said she developed viral myositis but it wasn't serious. Pinch or irritation of Lumbar 3,4 5 and sacral 1 nerve causes pain in entire leg and weakness in leg.
Sciatica is also a term used for leg pain caused by selective nerve lesioning of nerve L4, L5 and S1.

Symptoms tend to develop quickly, and an individual may find him or herself unable to even get out of bed in the later stages of viral myositis. Joint dislocation associated with nerve injury causes spread of pain over entire leg because of nerve injury and partial over the joint because of dislocation. Myositis may be accompanied by more general symptoms of fever, fatigue, and full-body aches. Blood samples are screened for the presence of HIV or another virus that may be responsible for symptoms.
Fall or sport injury also causes sciatic nerve injury resulting in leg pain or sciatica pain with tingling, numbness and weakness.
Fracture of femur, tibia or fibula near knee joint causes popliteal nerve injury, which results in numbness and weakness of lower leg below knee joint. But it's more common with influenza B. So parents need to pay attention and check for viral myositis symptoms when the kids are down with the flu. Some people don't even realize that they have myositis symptoms since flu in general can cause body aches and pains.
Pain and tenderness in the calves is definitely the major symptom and it starts a few days after flu symptoms start.

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