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Mild tinnitus compensation, noise in ears not tinnitus - Reviews

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With the help of the union and its solicitors OH Parsons, UCATT member Tony Debotte received compensation from a former employer after developing tinnitus.
Most people have heard of tinnitus and simply associate it with a mild ringing in the ears. Tinnitus is a ringing, buzzing or swishing or any recurring or continuous sound which seems to originate in the head or ears, which can be caused by long-term exposure to workplace or other noise. For most people, tinnitus is not a serious problem, but more a nuisance which eventually rights itself. If you are suffering from tinnitus as a result of workplace noise, you might be entitled to make a tinnitus claim against your employer. For a successful tinnitus compensation claim, you will need to show that tinnitus or the underlying condition causing your tinnitus is having a negative affect on your life or has caused actual financial loss.
For example, your employer might have failed to train you in safety measures necessary to reduce the risk of tinnitus, or they might not have provided you with safety equipment which could have prevented you from getting tinnitus.

Read on for information on making a tinnitus compensation claim and the following section explaining ‘what is tinnitus’.
But for some, the underlying condition which has caused the tinnitus is more severe and tinnitus can become a constant problem along with the damaged hearing which often accompanies it. Claiming can help you get back on your feet if you have been forced to take time off work because of your tinnitus, and it can also prevent other people from being affected by tinnitus in the future as your employer will be forced to take action to implement the correct health and safety measures.
You will also need to show that the tinnitus is a result of noise in your working environment, and that your employer’s negligence led to your tinnitus. This will put you in touch with one of our friendly advisors, who will talk you through your tinnitus claim and can put you in touch with a specialist solicitor in your area if you decide to go ahead. We have also seen cases where there was not enough equipment available for all staff, leaving some to go without.How Croftons Solicitors Can HelpTinnitus can range from mild to severe cases, and as such the disruption to your life will vary. We are experts in claiming for hearing problems and can help give you any tinnitus advice and information you need.

In these cases, particularly where there are permanent hearing issues, it can be sensible to pursue a tinnitus compensation claim. In serious instances, it can disrupt a person’s sleep and consequently prevent them from continuing their normal routine.Employees that have developed tinnitus as a result of their working conditions may be entitled to compensation, so you should speak to Croftons Solicitors if you have been affected. Our experts will assess your claim and work hard to secure compensation on your behalf, often on a no win, no fee basis.To contact our team, call 0800 2800 094 today, or fill in our online contact form to receive a call back at a more convenient time.

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