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DefinitionYou may have heard people refer to mental illness as a single type of illness, but mental illnesses or disorders actually encompass a wide range of symptoms, causes and treatments.
With words like 'crazy,' 'nuts' and 'insane' used so frequently, many people with mental disorders do not reveal it to their friends or coworkers for fear of being labeled or judged. SummaryA mental disorder is an experience that is different for every patient, but there are a few things they have in common. Please note that if you lie, cheat, or steal on this quiz the results will not be 100% accurate. If you scored higher than 5 on this self-assessment, you may want to consider talking to your health care or mental health provider about your symptoms.
A mental disorder is a broad term used to group physical and psychological symptoms that cause abnormal thoughts and behaviors. However, talk therapy is simply conversation with a mental health professional who is very knowledgeable about mental disorders.
Mental illness is characterized by thoughts, behaviors or emotions that cause the patient suffering and difficulty functioning normally in life. But when anxiety affects our day to day functioning and enjoyment of life, it becomes an illness.
An anxiety disorder is commonly diagnosed by your medical or mental health provider by asking you questions about your symptoms. In this lesson we will discover how mental disorders are defined, diagnosed, caused and treated. The guidelines for diagnosis and classification of mental disorders are set by the American Psychiatric Association in a book called the DSM.

Just as podiatrists study the feet and dentists study teeth, therapists are mental health professionals who study theories of talk therapy. People with mental illness are often reluctant to visit a doctor or therapist for their symptoms. Mental disorder can be caused by genetic factors, brain chemistry, physical and emotional trauma, psychological and social factors.
It teaches us to be aware of anxious thoughts as just thoughts passing through our awareness and we can learn to see them as mental events without having to react to them or try to get rid of them. Mental illnesses may be associated with the brain, but they have more in common with other bodily illnesses than they do differences. While we can never be sure what a licensed mental health professional would diagnose Johnny with, we can guess that alcoholism and depression are amongst his problems. Many organizations like the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) and the Bring Change 2 Mind organization are fighting to banish the stigma and create equal rights for those with mental disorders. Some of the most common categories of mental illness are anxiety disorders and mood disorders, including depression. In fact, as we learn about mental disorders, it is good to keep in mind how similar they are to physical illnesses.
CausesThe most common model used by psychologists to explain why mental disorder occurs is called the biopsychosocial model.
Since within our society we see people with mental disorders as not functioning normally, there is a great stigma that is still associated with mental disorder. If you break that word down to it's parts it simply means that biological, psychological and social factors all contribute to mental disorder.

Just like physical illnesses, mental illnesses can be short or long term and vary in pain and intensity. Unfortunately, Johnny lives with a societal stigma of having a mental disorder and is uncomfortable revealing that to even his best friends. Society and StigmaCultural differences need to be considered when diagnosing mental disorder.
Most often, some combination of medications and therapy with a licensed mental health professional is the most effective.
While many people living in the United States would consider the act of stretching one's neck with decorative rings to be strange behavior and perhaps a symptom of a mental disorder, some cultures of Asia and Africa consider neck stretching to be normal. Diagnosis and ClassificationsWhen these three biopsychosocial factors of brain, biology and environment combine in ways that make it difficult or even impossible for a person to function, it can be diagnosed as a mental disorder. Mental illness can often be diagnosed by a physician, but can also be diagnosed by a psychiatrist and other licensed health professionals such as therapists, or counselors. DiagnosisJust as the biological, psychological and social factors can never be the same for two individuals, the experience of a mental disorder is never the same for two individuals.
We may think of mental disorders as being all emotional in nature, but most disorders have both physical and emotional symptoms.

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