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Mental disorders, brain disorders in humans - Reviews

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Experts believe most psychiatric disorders are related to multiple genes as well as environmental influences. Sometimes, co-occurring disorders can be effectively treated with only one medication – as is the case with depression and anxiety – but with other disorders it is not such a simple problem. These three disorders can be difficult to distinguish from each other because of many overlapping symptoms.
If the wrong disorder has been diagnosed, the reason for the ineffectiveness of medication may not be evident to the physician. Efforts to improve the quality of health care for all persons cannot succeed without improving the quality of care for mental health and substance use disorders.

Mental disorders are also one of the main causes of higher mortality rate among the people aged between 15 to 44 years. Lack of medical assistance and facilities are the main threats for the mentally ill people.
The main reasons for poor facilities are improper agenda which does not count mentally ill people, any proper organization, and lack of co-operation in the staff, lack of proper staff and lack of a leader.
It is a bad image for people with mental health problems – mostly mental ill health involves looking exactly like everyone else. Despite a substantial evidence base documenting the efficacy of treatments for these disorders, these treatments are often not effectively implemented in routine practice.

People always think that mental disorders are incurable and the people suffering from them are dumb and difficult. Lack of medical assistance can also be considered as a major factor for growing mental disorders in rural areas.

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