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Menopause symptoms tinnitus, tinnitus music therapy free download - Reviews

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Tinnitus during menopause, which is ringing in the ears, is one of those physical conditions that tends to manifest but only in some women and some of the time. For example, although you might see tinnitus and menopause together, this condition commonly affects girls and boys going through puberty, women during their menstrual cycle years, women who are taking hormonal birth control or hormone replacement therapy, and women who have had a hysterectomy. The tinnitus during menopause could also be caused by a condition known as Otosclerosis, which affects the middle ear, although in both men and women.

Now, although there have been strong warnings in the past five years concerning hormone replacement therapy (HRT), some women still prefer this method for finding relief from menopausal symptoms. Studies now show that the onset of tinnitus during menopause can be the consequence of HRT side effects, something that goes along with fluid retention, depression, insomnia, increased blood pressure, headaches, and dizziness.
Another theory about tinnitus and menopause is that peri-menopause, regular menopause, and HRT are simply age related issues.

The bottom line is that more research is needed on the subject of tinnitus and menopause to determine if it is in fact just an age related issue or truly has something to do with the many changes of the body.

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