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Clinically proven device for treating common ear problems, in both children and adults, without medication or ear tube surgery. Anatomically the ear canal is formed by a deep bony tube that ends at the eardrum, and a peripheral cartilaginous portion that is part of the auricle. Eustachian tube dysfunction is one of the most common complaints an Ear, Nose,& Throat surgeon sees in his or her clinic.
Patients with eustachian tube dysfunction may complain of ear pressure, muffled hearing, and ear popping or clicking.
Traditional treatment of eustachian tube dysfunction includes placement of a pressure equalization tube (PE tube), which simply creates a semi-permanent hole in the eardrum, allowing pressure to equalize through it directly.
His advanced training has given him the skills to treat the most difficult of sinus cases, and a large volume of his patients are those that have failed medical treatment or had previous unsuccessful sinus surgery.
He treats children with all manner of ear related disease and has a special interest in the development of new medical technologies.

When you yawn or swallow, the eustachian tube opens and pressure equalizes between the ear and the outside world. Recent advances in technology have led to the development of a technique to help recuperate the normal function of the eustachian tube instead of circumventing it. Tubes may need to be in place for up to a year or more before they fall out or are surgically removed.
Like the nasal cavity, the ear also produces mucus and is normally drained by the eustachian tube. Balloon eustachian tube dilation involves placing a guide catheter into the eustachian tube orifice. If the eustachian tube does not function normally, mucus may build up in the ear causing hearing loss and muffled hearing.
A balloon is then threaded over the guide wire and then gently inflated, dilating the eustachian tube.

The dilated eustachian tube is now able to equalize pressure between the ear and the nasal cavity.
Conditions such as nasal allergy and chronic sinusitis can cause inflammation of the eustachian tube and lead to dysfunction. Though a fairly new technique, studies demonstrate that the benefits of this type of surgery may last much longer than standard PE tubes.
Medical treatment includes nasal steroid sprays, nasal antihistamine sprays, oral antihistamines, decongestants, and saline rinses. An Ear, Nose, & Throat physician can help to delineate if a patient’s symptoms is from the eustachian tube or TMJ.

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