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Acupuncture is an old traditional Chinese method to cure diseases through activating body’s own good energy through piercing the skin with needles at particular pressure points.
The patients having other condition due to which tinnitus was present were put into another group for treatment of those ailments and patients having only tinnitus remained in it. Marked Effect indicated that ringing or any other sort of disturbance related to tinnitus had decreased by 20 dBs or even to a greater degree and physicians said it meant tinnitus had basically disappeared. Some Effect indicated that the degree of tinnitus had decreased and the sounds or ringing had decreased to a degree of 10 dBs. No Effect indicated that there had been no improvement in patient’s condition and the degree of tinnitus was the same when compared to his condition before treatment.

Thus according to the team that performed this study determined the effectiveness of acupuncture for tinnitus was real though practitioners of western medicine don’t accept the results of this research.
Healthy First is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical or health advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Although acupuncture originated in China, there are two different theories as to how it works.
After 3-4 sessions, I did start to notice improvements in my tinnitus, as well as in my mood – the sound became thinner and quieter, and I felt a boost in my sense of well-being and confidence.
There was a study performed where 70 patients participated in a trial to see if acupuncture worked for tinnitus.

What basically happens is that you lay on your stomach, and the acupuncturist inserts needles into your skin in the area around your neck and lower skull.
The patients were then assessed and it was made sure that none of them had tinnitus due to any underlying cause and was suffering from actual tinnitus symptoms. The treatment was performed thrice a week and one course of treatment included 10 visits to the acupuncture expert and getting it done.

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