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Mastoiditis treatment augmentin, fatigue and loss of appetite in dogs - .

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Treating symptoms of mastoiditis, such as headaches, may be necessary while antibiotics clear the infection. The most common treatment for mastoiditis is antibiotic medication, although surgery and drainage are also sometimes used in severe cases.
Treatment for mastoiditis is not pleasant and involves ongoing injections and treatment in many cases. Although treatment for mastoiditis is not generally effective, this condition used to be a major cause of death for young children before the use of antibiotics.

The type of medications used will vary, but often a broad spectrum antibiotic is used as a first treatment.
Symptoms of mastoiditis may include pain behind one or both ears, fever, drainage from the ear, hearing loss, or swelling. Mastoiditis is often caused by a severe inner ear infection which goes untreated and is allowed to spread.
If left to worsen, mastoiditis can eventually infect the brain, bloodstream, and other areas of the body.

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