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Maskers for tinnitus, noise in your ears - Reviews

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HEARING VISION provides Tinnitus Masker as a device which can give instant relief for Tinnitus sufferer, and it is a non-invasive alternative to minimize the symptoms of Tinnitus.
Tinnitus Masker shape is similar to hearing aid, either hidden in the ear canal or placed behind the ear. While in use, the tinnitus sound will instantly be covered, thus becoming an instant reliever.

If the Tinnitus symptom is also accompanied with hearing loss, we also provide a device to correct both at the same time. If the device is used for certain duration during the day as recommended by the audiologist, slowly the brain will be trained to neglect the tinnitus sound (called the technique Habituation ), and overtime the loudness of the Tinnitus Masker may be reduced until such time that the device is no longer needed.

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