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Medical history, your current and past these abnormalities include hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, hyperlipidemia because of the multifactorial nature.


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Consider that the bipolar condition may be partially or totally caused by the lack of certain vitamins, minerals, amino acids and oils in the system.
Using Recreational Drugs It seems as though the use of drugs can turn milder form of bipolar disorder into raging case of the disease. While you are dependent upon many other people for their help, you are the one who is going to get better or not, who is going to continue to suffer if your illness is not treated correctly, so you are the one who has to direct this. Often the manic phase of bipolar seems to rear its ugly head in the darker months of the year. It is possible for most with the illness to get to feeling really good, and not feeling really good as in manic but maybe just like other people feel, at ease. While you must take responsibility for your recovery, you must also listen when people in your support group (once you've built one) tell you that it seems you're depressed, or running manic, or whatever. In other words, use of drugs can be bad news if you have bipolar disorder in your family background. Some people think it is acceptable to call those of us who happen to suffer from bipolar disorder, "bipolars".
Mixed States is its very own hell, a subset of bipolar disorder where you have both mania and depression running at the same time.

Know that no one wants to own up to being 'different', no one wants to be classified as mentally ill, but the fact is that if you do have bipolar disorder, you have it whether or not you believe you have it, whether or not you want to have it. Learn the language of the illness; make sure to read DSM4 (the latest diagnostics manual for docs, which you can find online if you are willing to dig a little, and you are going to dig a lot) so you can have an idea of how you might diagnose yourself.
For example, consider the possibility that your bipolar condition is caused or aggravated by the lack of Omega 3 oils in your diet. Most coastal countries where fish is a daily staple, such as Japan, have a much lower incidence of bipolar and other mental diseases than countries where fish is not eaten on as regular a basis. This can be helpful for some, but the most important thing is to recognize signs of when you are at risk of becoming manic or depressive. Untreated, the depressive piece of your illness can tell you unbelievable lies, and get you to believe them. Mania is seductive, it feels good to be manic or at least makes you feel arrogant enough not to take them. Many sufferers are mixed states, or are at different times or year or just whenever in our cycle we get into mixed states. There are many chat rooms or boards which exist solely for the discussion of bipolar disorder.

The people you meet on these boards will often know firsthand the effects of many of the drugs prescribed for you, and can help you determine if your doctor is a crackpot or not--having suffered as you have, they will offer large support. The manic piece can get you into trouble on eBay, or with your neighbor's wife - basically, it can take control if you let it. But mixed states are **** sure not friendly, or fun, either - imagine the thought patterns (down) and mood (down) of depression mixed with the energy (up up up) of mania - it's like driving an airplane into the ground. Keep in mind that although it is very important to get and maintain treatment if you have Bipolar, you do have the right to refuse any medication the doctor prescribes.
MAKE SURE that the doctor knows of ALL the medications and supplements you take, prescription or not.Also tell the doctor if you eat a lot of grapefruit or drink a lot of grapefruit juice as grapefruits cause interactions with many medications. Everyone there will 'get it'; you won't have to explain yourself, you won't feel like a dope, and everyone is in the same boat. Learning to get a good doctor will take you time but you've got time, you've got the rest of your life (provided your depression is not so powerful that you take your life), and you want to live it as best you can.

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