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Manic depression bipolar disorder difference, sleep disturbances in babies - .

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British researchers confirmed this in 2007.They found people with bipolar disorder suffer from an accelerated shrinking of their brain.
Just four weeks of treatment with lithium increases gray matter volume in the human brain, according to a study by Wayne State University School of Medicine on the bipolar brain. There are many ways people with bipolar disorder can improve their mental and physical health and nourish the bipolar brain. Three powerful bipolar brain images follow:Lori Altshuler, director of the UCLA Mood Disorders Research Program, found that the amygdala seems to be significantly enlarged in patients with bipolar illness, along with enlarged ventricles.
The left amygdala and related structures (yellow area where lines intersect) are part of an emotion-regulating brain circuit where children with bipolar disorder showed greater activation than controls when rating their fear of neutral faces. Some commercial entities promote Brain SPECT Imaging, arguing it provides graphic evidence that Bipolar Disorder is a biological problem and can be diagnosed at the physical level.

However, given the problems with diagnosing bipolar, and especially the recent controversy over accurately identifying bipolar teenagers and kids, it is important that research continue. See original article in Science DailyNext, we see how brain SPECT imaging can illustrate clear differences between healthy and disordered brains. THE MEDICAL COMMUNITY DOES NOT ACCEPT BRAIN IMAGING AS RELIABLE FOR DIAGNOSIS OF BIPOLAR, ADHD OR OTHER RELATED CONDITIONS. The studies have shown statistically significant amounts of people with mood disorders show certain brain abnormalities. It shows that the left amygdala, a fear hub, and related structures, activated more in youth with the disorder than in healthy youth. However, although there there is a statistical pattern, there is still some overlap between people with mood disorders and the general population.

This means that brain imaging cannot conclusively determine whether someone has a mood disorder.2.
The brain abnormalities found so far are non-specific and can also show up on people with quite different disorders, for example people with psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia.

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