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It is important to remember that major depressive disorder is not the only prevalent mood disorder. The US is roughly in the middle of the pack globally in terms of depression rates, according to a recent study in PLoS Medicine. According to NIMH, 50.9 percent of adults with mood disorders receive treatment of some kind. What it means for treatment to be minimally adequate varies from disorder to disorder; for major depression, it is defined as receiving an antidepressant or mood stabilizer prescription for at least 30 days and going to at least four psychiatric appointments, or, in lieu of drug treatment, at least eight therapy sessions of least a half hour each.
While major depression can manifest at early ages, bipolar disorder most commonly emerges among young adults. Many, many studies have found that cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is effective with mood disorders, particular major depression.

Overall, the National Alliance for Mental Illness's (NAMI) medical director, Kenneth Duckworth, estimates that about 70-80 percent of patients with major depression respond to treatment. Suicidal tendencies and depression tend to get conflated in public discussion, but it's worth remembering that the majority of depressed people do not attempt or even consider attempting suicide. However, the Association notes that while the lifetime risk of suicide for patients whose depression goes untreated is nearly 20 percent, the risk for treated patients is a mere 0.141 percent.
For the public at large, it's a dark reminder that depression and suicide are shockingly common, both in America and in the world, and radically under-diagnosed and under-treated.
But everyone's depression reacts to treatment differently, and if initial treatment fails, it's possible that a different set of medications or therapeutic techniques would perform better.
About 7 percent of men and 1 percent of women who have ever been diagnosed with depression die by suicide.

And there's a well-established gender gap in depression rates, with significantly more women suffering from it. Here are 12 things you need to know to understand the gravity of the threat depression poses. There's also some evidence that aerobic exercise can be an effective treatment for depression.

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