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The most prominent symptom of major depression is a severe and persistent low mood, profound sadness, or a sense of despair. Some people who have episodes of major depression also have episodes of relatively high energy or irritability.
If a woman has a major depressive episode within the first two to three months after giving birth to a baby, it is called postpartum depression.
A primary care physician or a mental health professional usually can diagnose depression by asking questions about medical history and symptoms. Many people with depression do not seek evaluation or treatment because of society's attitudes about depression.
There is no way to prevent major depression, but detecting it early can diminish symptoms and help to prevent the illness from returning. Regarding side effects, SSRIs are known to cause problems with sexual functioning, some nausea, and an increase in anxiety in the early stages of treatment. A number of psychotherapy techniques have been demonstrated to be helpful, depending on the causes of the depression, the availability of family and other social support, and personal style and preference.
Depression is a painful and potentially dangerous illness, so you should contact a health care professional if you have any suspicion that you or a loved one is depressed. When treatment is successful, it is important to stay in close touch with your doctor or therapist, because maintenance treatment is often required to prevent depression from returning.

Other neurotransmitters possibly involved in depression include acetylcholine and catecholamines, a group of neurotransmitters that consists of dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine (also called adrenaline). The mood changes that occur in major depression are defined as lasting at least two weeks but usually they go on much longer — months or even years. Some people who have many episodes of major depression also have a background pattern of a milder depressed mood called dysthymia. Depression that occurs mainly during the winter months is called seasonal affective disorder, or SAD. The vast majority of people who suffer severe depression do not attempt or commit suicide, but they are more likely to do so than people who are not depressed.
By definition, major depression is diagnosed when a person has many of the symptoms listed above for at least two weeks.
The person may feel the depression is his or her fault or may worry about what others will think. However, it is important to be evaluated by a primary care physician to make sure the problems are not being caused by a medical condition or medication. The basic biologic causes of depression are strongly linked to abnormalities in the delivery of certain key neurotransmitters (chemical messengers in the brain). Corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF), a stress hormone and neurotransmitter, may be involved in depression and anxiety disorders.

For example, researchers have identified a defect in the gene known as SERT, which regulates serotonin and has been linked to depression. Or the person suffering major depression may not be able to take pleasure in activities that usually are enjoyable.
People who have a family member with major depression are more likely to develop depression or drinking problems. In ECT, an electrical impulse is applied to the person's scalp and passes to the brain, causing a seizure. Studies have found that close relatives of patients with depression are two to six times more likely to develop the problem than individuals without a family history. Imbalances in the brain’s serotonin levels can trigger depression and other mood disorders. Therefore family members or friends may need to encourage the depression suffer to seek help.
ECT is the quickest and most effective treatment for the most severe forms of depression, and in most people, it is not more risky than other antidepressant treatments.

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