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Lipo-6 is the first and the only non-prescribed herbal weight loss supplement that works on the thumb rule of increasing metabolism by suppressing the appetite and utilizes maximum strength liquid capsules to enable superior absorption to provide unprecedented results at the quickest pace.
Regular intake of Lipo-6 has the potential to cause adverse cardiovascular reactions as it interferes with the electrical wiring of the heart due to the presence of the stimulant synephrine in it.
The stimulants present in Lipo-6 lead to an increase in blood pressure levels which ultimately raises the pulse rate of the heart as well. As mentioned earlier, Lipo-6 functions on the combination effort of its stimulants present in it. But Lipo-6 consists of a combination of potent stimulants like caffeine, synephrine and yohimbine which inhibit and interfere with the natural sleep synopsis leading to extreme cases of insomnia. Where the stimulant synerphrine has been reported causing heart strokes and angina in many individuals, the presence of yohimbine and caffeine content in Lipo-6 have been concluded as the main reason for causing jitters, nervousness and anxiety in many users of this weight loss supplement. People who switched to Lipo-6 in an attempt to lose weight quickly and at a rapid pace have reported of suffering from this extreme condition of intestinal colitis.

The ingredients present in Lipo-6 like caffeine, yohimbine, a chemical compound extracted from the bark of a tree to promote increased fat metabolism, and synephrine commonly known as bitter orange which instigates the functionality of weight loss pills. Lipo-6 contains 200 grams of caffeine anhydrous which is supposed to be a potent diuretic, causing water loss through consistent and increased perspiration and urination.This can result in symptoms of hiccups, fluid retention, a burning aftertaste, nausea, dizziness, increased thirst, and restlessness. However, researchers have not been able to clearly comprehend the reason of including yohimbine in the manufacturing of Lipo-6. Moreover, regular intake of Lipo-6 have also shown signs of allergic reactions like unexplained conditions of rash, itching, swelling, wheezing, difficulty in breathing and swallowing.
All these three stimulants of Lipo-6 act on the glands of the adrenal, thereby increasing the production of chemical compounds like epinephrine and norapinephrine which in turn are responsible for boosting energy levels of a person.
Many users of Lipo-6 have reported severe headaches and migraine symptoms while being on this supplement.
So, before opting to start with Lipo-6, make sure to drink additional quantities of water so as to make the levels of lost water content from the body due to the presence of high doses of caffeine in it.

Also, according to their study, a well recognized side effect of Lipo-6 is its capacity to stimulate the central nervous system which can lead to anxiety attacks, depression and severe cases of neurological disorders, if taken for a long period of time. The final verdict, however, in this case, highlights on the fact that the pros of Lipo-6 as a weight loss supplement cannot bypass its cons which are more dangerous than its appealing and tempting positives. However, like any other fat loss supplement, Lipo-6 has a whole range of adverse effects which can strike you, ranging from simple signs of nausea, insomnia and breathlessness to increased chest pain, paralysis and ultimately a cardiac arrest as well.
This would help in avoiding unnecessary stress put on your adrenal glands due to prolonged usage of Lipo-6 capsules.

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