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Labyrinthitis treatment antihistamine, tinnitus reduction - Within Minutes

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Canal-retraining exercises: Chronic symptoms of labyrinthitis can lead to changes related to nerve signaling for balance and walking. While this article provides information related to labyrinthitis, you should not consider it medical advice. Recent viral illnesses (colds and flus), as well as respiratory and ear infections, significantly increase your risk for labyrinthitis.[5] However, a number of more controllable activities can raise your risk for the condition or worsen the condition once you have it.
Since labyrinthitis is most often caused by a viral infection, you must often wait for your immune system to do its job and beat the virus. The effects of labyrinthitis usually come as attacks rather than a continuous set of symptoms.

In most cases of viral labyrinthitis, your immune system will clear the infection on its own. If the presentation of your case makes your doctor suspect something other than labyrinthitis, he or she may order tests to rule out other conditions.
Your physician may prescribe antiviral agents for severe forms of viral labyrinthitis or antibiotics if the underlying cause is a bacterial infection.[24] Regardless of the type of prescription, take exactly as directed for the full course of the medication. In addition to any medications your doctor might prescribe to treat the cause of the labyrinthitis, he or she may also recommend prescription-strength medications to help you deal with the vertigo, dizziness, and other symptoms while you recover.
In very rare cases, your doctor may determine that an aggressive surgical option is necessary to stop advanced labyrinthitis complications from turning into potentially fatal meningitis or encephalitis.

Always consult your physician for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan if you believe you have labyrinthitis. Tell your doctor about any antihistamines, Dramamine, or any other OTC medicines you were taking before your consultation, and only follow the exact medication regimen that your doctor prescribes. VRT is a physical therapy that can help you adapt to and correct for the symptoms of labyrinthitis.

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