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Is depression a mental illness or a choice, generalized depressive disorder - Plans Download

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Mental illness, and its consequences, are definitely hard on those who love someone affected by it as well. The church, in my experience, has done a crap job of meeting the needs of the mentally ill, even within their own congregations. Yes, God does miraculously heal some people of their mental illness when they are saved, or later on through prayer - just as He does with every other disease. Though he played happy-go-lucky aliens and genies, mentors, teachers and even psychologists - his characters masked a darker battle with mental illness. They claim that suicide is not the result of a disease, but the result of an individual's choice alone.

Often the message the church gives to those suffering from mental illness is that if they "only had more faith" or "loved Jesus more" that they'd be healed.
Having seen the ravages of mental illness first hand in my own family and having parents who have dedicated their careers to helping others with mental illness, I have long been an advocate for treatment and breaking down society's taboos related to these diseases, especially within the church.
The mentally ill just do not bear the fruit of "joy" - they may not even be Christians - because outward happiness is equivalent to joy and that's a fruit of the spirit, darn it! If you want to equip yourself with the tools to help others, consider taking the Mental Health First Aid course.
As if clinical depression (or bipolar, or schizophrenia, etc.) is the result of some moral failing on their parts.

We don't provide free child care to the mom who cannot get out of bed because of the depression that engulfs her.

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