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Insomnia, download tinnitus masking sounds - Review

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According to the National Center on Sleep Disorder Research vast numbers of Americans, 30-40 percent report suffering from one or more nights of insomnia during any given year. Those desperate enough for sleep often overmedicate, which doesn’t treat the insomnia at all.
If you think your insomnia is occurring every night or getting worse, it is time to seek professional insomnia treatment.

While in school or when stressed about work, we all suffer from a little bit of insomnia and though it is not entirely deadly in itself, chronic insomnia can definitely lead to a whole lot of disturbing mental and physical problems. Physiologically too, long term insomnia could make you feel hopeless and so depressed that sometimes it can even lead to suicidal tendencies. Unfortunately, desperate for sleep, the insomniac has a large number of heavily marketed pharmaceutical remedies to choose from, both by prescription and over the counter.

In recent years, prescription antidepressants have found some favor in treating insomnia, while over-the-counter sleeping pills (usually a form of antihistamine) remain popular too.

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