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Insomnia help toronto, ringing in ears every day - Reviews

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In the Annex of Toronto, I saw Insomnia Cafe and it seemed like a super cool place to have food. Overall, Insomnia Cafe was ok for sandwiches, but their dinner and appetizer menu is a bit overpriced for what you get.
Now after I posted my most romantic place in the city a lot of you asked me how I could have missed Insomnia.

Insomnia has been in the Annex for around 14 years and is famous for their martini menu that includes martinis like the Haggrad and Waldorf, which on Thursday go on special! An exploration of Toronto's history, architecture, lifestyle, arts, culture and nature as well as my personal triumphs, downfalls and heartbreaks, Why I Love Toronto is not your average tourism and lifestyle publication for it is also a diary. You can’t miss it because the o in the insomnia is a huge eye, plus their outside marquee has that eye peering at you as you walk either east or west.

The structure of Insomnia is split into three different areas, there is the seating area near the front, the bar area which has a few more tables and bar stools located in the middle, and at the back there are big comfy chairs and couches for you to chill on.

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