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For those who are unfamiliar with this phenomenal business, Insomnia Cookies is a late night delivery service that brings cookies straight to your dorm. Despite the horror stories of cancellation and secrecy, there are plenty more students who smile at the thought of Insomnia Cookies than those who cringe. Insomnia Cookies continues to serve as both a relief from studying late at night and as every stoned student’s favorite munchie.
Deluxe options, available for $2.75 each, include triple-chocolate chunk, chocolate peanut butter cup and s'mores deluxe cookies. Insomnia Cookies was born out of the dislike of heavy meals late at night, love of food delivery, and the realization that by the time you get hungry at night, nothing is open. Pick up or Delivery late night until 3am!

Today with more than forty store locations and growing, Insomnia Cookies offers many varieties of fresh baked, delicious cookies delivered warm from the oven right to your door! I requested he stop for a moment and talk to me about his experience delivering for Insomnia Cookies.
I posed the question to fellow freshmen about their experiences with Insomnia Cookies in the past month we’ve been here. Each cookie gets pulled from a warm drawer and stored in a cardboard box to keep the contents chewy and gooey. As recently reported by Gut Check, a similar concept called Hot Box Cookies will soon join the cookie craze in the neighborhood this January.

Other items available include brownies ($2.75), cookie cake ($17), and ice cream by the scoop, pint or quart with toppings and mix-ins. Our menu options also include brownies, deluxe cookies, ice cream and of course a pint of cold milk is available with any order.

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