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Generally, ringworm could infect any part of the body, and these include the body, scalp, feet or nails. Ringworm can spread from person to person, experts say, and that’s why it has to be treated with the utmost care it deserves.
It’s not only the scalp that gets assaulted with ringworm — the body does too, and when the fungus infects the skin, it is called tinea corporis. We are not new to the term “athlete’s foot;” well, experts depose that it’s another term for ringworm infection of the foot, medically called tinea pedis.

Animals such as dogs, cats, guinea-pigs, and cattle are notorious for being harbingers of ringworm, experts say.
Medically, it is called tinea capitis, but in common parlance, it is called ringworm, though physicians say worm has nothing to do with the infection. Modupe Onakoya, says ringworm is caused by “a mould-like fungi called dermatophytes.” She explains that ringworm infection occurs when the fungus sprouts up in any part of the body.
Grace Abiodun, says from experience, when her customers present with ringworm in the scalp, the infection eats up the scalp, making the hair to become sensitive.

And where a family lacks personal hygiene, a child from such a family can infect an entire class of pupils with ringworm if allowed,” the dermatologist says.

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