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Certain essential oils promote relaxation, and can help you wind down at the end of a long day so you can finally get some sleep. Sleep deprivation causes a number of ill health effects including an increase in weight, blood pressure and risk of heart attack. As someone who has struggled with sleep for the past few years, I can tell you sleep is not a luxury.
While some things interfering with my sleep were beyond my control, most were brought on myself. My wonderful son spent an entire Saturday helping me make changes in my room to make it more sleep friendly including different furniture arrangement, lighting and curtains. Now regardless of the reason why, I'm guessing many of you can relate to getting too little sleep.

So to help you get a good night's sleep, I put together a summary of tips for better sleep based on my research.
Also, these two short but powerful articles from the National Sleep Foundation and Mayo Clinic will provide you with additional details for each tip!
Most people who say they get seven hours of sleep are still tired, and this is because they are not getting truly restful sleep. This site is dedicated to your vitality, with healthy living articles five days a week to help you live a fuller, more vibrant life. And what’s more, good sleep is a requirement if you want to feel great, support your health, and have the energy you need to live (and love!) your life. You don't want your stomach to have to digest a bunch of food as it can interfere with your sleep.

But good sleep can also seem like a pipe dream, especially if you’ve been suffering from sleep issues for years.
I made these changes after spending some time on the National Sleep Foundation and Mayo Clinic's website. When I walk in my room and see my bed, it instantly makes me happy and has a calming effect that I associate with sleep.

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