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The treatment focuses on the fact that hearing problems such as tinnitus are linked to excessive amounts of glutamate.
However, when hearing problems develop, this can lead to too much glutamate being produced. The researchers say it is not known whether there is a 'window' during which AM-101 is effective, or how long such a window could last.
The damage can be caused by a single exposure to a loud noise, such as an explosion, but more often is linked to continuous or chronic exposure to loud sounds over time.

In the American study, researchers found subway passengers were exposed to the highest levels of continuous noise, but all methods of public transport could be a potential problem. Laboratory research showed that a single dose of the drug cured tinnitus in people with noise-induced hearing loss.
The excess of glutamate is thought to trigger a misfiring of the auditory nerve, which results in inappropriate signals being sent through to the brain, causing tinnitus. The patients being treated have developed tinnitus following exposure to loud noise within the previous three months.

Tinnitus as a result of noise trauma can be distressing and debilitating for those who experience it.
The results may lead to one of the first drug treatments to be licensed for noise-induced tinnitus,' says Dr Mark Downs, RNID's executive director of science.

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