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It is hard to believe that many of us didn’t even know how to turn on a computer a decade or so ago.
Bring an object (such as a pen) as close to your eyes as possible while still being able to focus on the object clearly, then focus on an object 10 feet away from you. Rose water is a relaxer and can be used as eye drops for soothing effect in tired and fatigued eyes.
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There is a simple tip for tired and droopy eyes, all you need to do is that take chilled water in a bowl, then dip tea bags in it for a few seconds.
There is a fact that when eyes are droopy the skin under the eyes loses its tightness and sometimes your eyes bags looks much larger.
The other way to get rid of droopy eyes is to gently massage around the eyes with your own hands.
The important thing you need to remember if you want fresh eyes is to drink lots of water and juices.

The most important tip for achieving fresh looking eyes is to sleep early and give your eyes property rest. Radiation is no longer a risk, but we sit in front of video games, tablets and computer screens and damaging your eyesight is still a reality. Computer vision syndrome (CVS) is temporary condition resulting from focusing the eyes on a computer display for extended, uninterrupted periods of time.
If you eyes are burning, itchy and irritated, this old homemade remedy just might help you.
Sometimes the puff makes your eyes look tried and some cold water splashes can solve this problem. The starch in the potato contains anti-inflammatory which helps to reduce the redness and puffiness around the eyes. The intake of all kinds of fluids prevent your eyes from swelling and it also makes the body more. Sleep for 8 to 9 hours a day and you will observe a clear difference in your tired and droopy eyes. Your eyes may not go square, but sitting too close to your computer can create eye strain and adverse effects on your vision.

Whatever the reason, your body is probably feeling the effects of spending too much time logged on—tired eyes, headaches, neck pain, etc. Then, you need to sit at least 65cm away from your computer screen because sitting close requires the muscles in your eyes to work harder. When you see yourself in the mirror after a long day of work and you see your tired eyes you go into into a feeling of dismay. The caffeine, which is in the tea bag, helps to lessen the swelling around the eyes and it is a natural thing which also help against inflammation of eyes. Use cotton or brush and apply this egg white around your eyes and leave it until the mask gets dry. When you massage your eyes, you actually help to circulating the muscle fluid, but massage lightly. Always keep a thing in mind that fresh eyes make you look pleasant and gives a positive effect to the viewer.

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