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Our Virtual Families Walkthrough is a complete guide to everything you need to know in this fun and addicting sim game. Virtual Families is a real-time game; meaning the game is progressing even when you quit the game. You can leave your little friends alone for a couple of days usually without too many detrimental issues as long as there is enough food in the refrigerator. Let your little friends sleep on their own for a full continuous 6-8 hours at night by quitting and exiting the game for 6-8 continuous hours. If you're playing more than one family at a time in the game, your little friends must complete their actions for those actions to take effect before switching to a different family. Virtual Families is a non-linear game; meaning most of the goals don't have to be completed in a specific order. It's recommended to not leave your family without your direction until the house and weeds are picked up; they have plenty of food in the refrigerator and the adults have completed several work cycles. Have your adoptee pick up all the wrappers as the cleanliness of the house greatly impacts their happiness. Have your adoptee pick all the weeds in the yard as this also greatly impacts their happiness.
It is equally important to keep the weeds pulled as this also has influence on your family's happiness. If you praise your new friend while taking a shower they might take the initiative and take a shower on there own when they start to get "stinky" again. Select one of your people and transfer them to the top right of the sandbox to pick up the shed doorknob. After the doorknob is on the shed, transfer one of your friends to the welcome doormat outside the front door where they will pick up a key and open the shed door.
Continue to place your friend over the crack until the repair is completed; the crack will be gone and the floor repair kit will disappear when crack is repaired.
Additional floor repairs may need to be purchased to repair the floors again if your friends suffer an earthquake. Have one of your friends lower the water pressure in the house by washing hands, getting a drink, using the toilet or taking shower. Putting the remote back on the living room coffee table so your friends can watch their favorite TV shows when they desire. Cleaning dirt smudges (they look like ink spots on the floors) aids in keeping your families happiness levels up.
Your family will eat on their own throughout the day as long as there are groceries in the house. The Career Room Upgrades increase your family's happiness and boost the salaries if the upgraded room matches their job; they also advance in their careers faster.
Fragrances: Just makes your little friend smell better and you get a trophy if you purchase 2 and use them on your little people.
Your little friends are bound to become ill from time to time; it's best to cure the illnesses as soon as you notice them as a prolonged illness will make your little friends weak and may spread the illness to other members of the family.
Working on their careers and finishing a complete work cycle (indicated by jiggling coins and a pop-up that your friend earned some money) will give them a bonus of 1% above their salary. Purchasing Career Room Upgrades will increase the salaries of your friend's careers that use that room for work.
You can cycle through each family member by using the arrow buttons on each side of the character's picture.

You can access the needs of each family member by viewing their happiness, health, fed and energy needs. Progress: gives a red bar indicating when your adult will receive their next promotion and salary increase. Your adult friends will work in proportion to the amount you have them work while playing the game when your not playing the game, except when their sleeping, in proportion to the amount you have them work while playing the game. Sometimes your little friends will run away and the action will state "stop your nagging"; place them back on their stations as many times as you desire to get them to work. Should one of your friends become depressed, help them out of their funk by praising them often for any positive behavior you desire; even if it is picking up a collectable, purchase an inexpensive upgrade if possible and defiantly put food on the table to store in the refrigerator.
Keeping food in the house and giving them medication promptly after they become ill appears to be the best preventatives for keeping your families healthy.
Should one of your friends become ill or very weak, treat them for their symptoms as soon as possible.
Once one of your little friends becomes weak, it takes quite some time for their strength to greatly improve.
Drop one of your adult friends or a child that is 14 or older on the Kitchen table to have them prepare a meal. After the meal has been prepared drag your family members onto the kitchen table one at a time and they will "sit down to a meal" which seems to sustain them for a much longer period of time and increases the "Fed" bar the fastest. Your little people will eat on their own without your assistance as long as there is food in the house. Have your little friends take a nap or rest in the hammock should they get tired during the day or give them an energy drink from the store.
Your adult little friends need to have a baby naturally or through adoption (random chance card given in game) to pass the house onto the next generation in order for the game to continue. When your little friends have attempted to have a baby, you'll know immediately if they have been successful as the mother will be carrying a baby. When your mother is nursing a baby, your adult friends can not have another child until the mother is no longer nursing.
Your little friends have to wait awhile to try to have a baby when they have recently attempted to have a child was unsuccessful. Your children will leave around age 18 and will not return unless you choose them as the predecessor to inherit the house and bank account at which time they will be 20 or older. Praising the same behavior 2 times in a row will generally initiate a response from your little friend to "stop nagging" and they will also run away. Scold your friends by using the scolding glove or giving them the salted candy from the varied items in the store. Have your hand curser in the most possible top left of the screen and press the mouse button several times (may take some practice).
When one of your friends passes away, everyone in the house will go through a grieving process.
You can start the New Generation by selecting the family tab and selecting the New Generation button. Some trophies have a progress bar that let you know how many of the objectives of that trophy have been met. Drag the person who has the hiccups onto the bathroom sink, they will drink water, and the hiccups will be cured.
Drag a person over in the kitchen and have them get a drink, then it will give you a trophie!

If one of your family members on virtual families is "a bit blue", then here are some good ways to make them happy: Clean the house.
Get the help you need for House Repairs and Puzzles, Trophies, Easter Eggs, Chance Cards, the Store, Finances, Collectables, and much, much more! It's best to choose a candidate that is between 20 and 27 years old for your first adoptee. You may want to adopt a candidate with a high daily salary initially of $70 or more per day initially.
Should your friend walk away for too long the compound will dry and you'll have to purchase additional compound and start over repairing the walls. If you do this several times and they don't remove any cobwebs, try again later as there may not be any cobwebs at the time. You can also select the trash can and the amount of garbage that is in the trash can will appear above the action task bar. You have to instruct your little friends to pick up the socks; they will not pick up socks on their own.
You'll have to instruct your friends to pick up the wrappers; they will not pick up the wrappers on their own. Instruct your little people to clean the dirt smudges as they will not do this on their own. A minimum of three are needed; additional kits maybe needed if your family incurs an earthquake. The faster you respond to an illness, the less likely your little friends will become weak.
As your adult friends age, it becomes increasingly more difficult for them to have a child.
You can gradually up their happiness by purchasing groceries or purchasing house upgrades from the store. When choosing your first adoptee for your first generation it's best for your adoptee to have at least $100 in the bank. Such as your adoptee or candidate dislikes computers but has a job that requires using the computer. You will receive a pop-up window stating the yard is free of weeds and you'll receive the Weed Obliterator trophy. You have to instruct your little friends to pull the weeds they will not pull the weeds on their own.
Your little friends will shoot you emails asking for more food or improvements when they aren't actually needed. You can even bounce the ball up and down while waiting on your friends to complete some actions. You can purchase a desensitization kit from the store when available to cure a random dislike when used on an adoptee.
Should you want your adoptee to have a like or dislike, you can purchase the encyclopedias at the store and a random like or dislike will appear.

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