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How can beta blockers treat anxiety, surviving antidepressants tinnitus - Try Out

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Anxiety is an extremely common issue for many, whether it’s minor, severe, or just limited to certain situations.
Luckily, there are many natural ways to reduce anxiety and reduce the stress it causes on the body. Being a long time sufferer of anxiety, I thought I had tried just about every natural treatment, but it wasn’t until last month that I found out how beneficial bananas can be for anxiety! After doing some research on using bananas to treat anxiety and giving it a try myself before stressful situations, such as large meetings or presentations, it really did work!
Bananas have been shown to result similarly, acting as an all natural beta blocker in your body. To get optimal results from eating bananas to treat anxiety, make sure to eat it at the right time! Because bananas act as a natural beta blocker, not only are they beneficial for treating anxiety, but can also be helpful for depression, stress, and blood pressure.
The tryptophan contained in bananas also results in an increase in your body’s magnesium level, which aids in reducing anxiety.
That’s too many remember they contain Potassium and too much can be bad for the heart. Hi Isaac, I’ve noticed an improvement in my anxiety from eating a banana before presentations.

As a result of this I have been researching blockers, I would love to opt for natural beta blockers if I knew they were strong enough to help me in my situation. Performance anxiety is a subject that many musicians would understandably rather not discuss, but WQXR found several willing to talk about the taboo subject.
Bananas have similar affects to a (pharmaceutical) drug class called beta-adrenergic blockers. If you are able to plan for a specific event or know when an anxiety inducing situation will occur, this will be very helpful so you’ll know when to eat it.
I usually get stressed and anxious when it comes to work or with the kids and it seems like no matter what i do, it won’t work to reduce my stress and anxiety. I have been struggling with panic disorder and have had a daily need for prescription medication for relief, but becoming dependent on a drug for lifelong functionality terrifies me more than the anxiety! The last bout has lasted 6 weeks or so and the morning anxiety in particular has been crippling.
Some musicians feel that a little performance anxiety actually makes for a more exciting performance.
These musicians, including Holly Mulcahy, concertmaster of the Chattanooga Symphony & Opera, said that they have observed musicians sharing beta blockers "like chewing gum or mints" backstage before a performance. But there are dangers: Beta blockers were originally developed to treat high blood pressure, and are known to affect heart rate.

It may be that some musicians are responding to the overwhelming sense of anxiety in these situations by self-medicating. It is estimated that 90% of Americans are deficient in magnesium and not only that, but when anxiety occurs, it causes magnesium depletion, creating an endless cycle.
However, I’ve never heard about the beta-blockers, neither have I read such a detailed and easy-to-understand article like yours. Beta blockers prevent adrenaline from binding to beta receptors which results in lower blood pressure and pulse rate, which normally skyrocket when experiencing anxiety and under stress. I would test out trying the bananas for other situations prior to the big day to see how it will work for you. But I didn’t know they were as effective as a beta blocker, I will attempt switching to bananas instead of beta blockers, defiantly. To my surprise it eased the stomach cramps, allowed a welcomed bowel movement and took the edge off the anxiety for sure… Which is what prompted me to this article!!

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