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Angel Wood Therapies offer you a wide range of complementary therapies, I provide a service that is dedicated to health and well-being through the balance of mind, body and spirit. I am based at the Creative Health Centre in Brierley Hill which offers a warm welcome and provides a relaxing setting, ideal for your complementary therapy.
Massage therapy can be a very rewarding career but there seems to be a lot of mis-information around put out by the massage therapy school industry to attract new students. Let’s take a look at a couple of common claims that massage schools make about jobs and compare them to reality. Some independent massage therapy contractors will make $60-$80 an hour if they have good clients. Another common claim is that the schools have access to databases full of massage therapy jobs and connections with large massage therapy job markets.
A massage education can be very valuable and rewarding, but the massage therapy school industry is a business and they do spin the facts to match the truth they want to portray about the massage job market.

Spend a week or two looking around at massage therapy jobs and you will see the reality of it.
There are other jobs you can pursue with a massage degree and you can always go to work in the massage therapy school industry.
As a Holistic Therapist I understand about the importance of looking after yourself both on the inside and out. If you look at the job listings they are months old and sometimes years old so the database usually only serve the purpose of a marketing tactic to play on potential students who wonder where the massage therapy jobs are because they don’t see any. There are good massage therapy jobs out there, but anyone considering investing time and money into a massage therapy career should do their own research and see how the job market is in their own area or an area they are interested in living.
Many massage therapists migrate to other similar professions such as physical therapists, athletic trainers, health trainers, etc. Many massage therapist become very disappointed when they graduate and realize that the job market for massage therapy jobs is not really as golden as their school advertised.

However, I would also encourage people to do some research into the realities of the massage therapy industry and the job market before they spend thousands of dollars on the hopes that the marketing department at the average massage therapy school hypes up.
A massage therapy education is a large investment of time and money so you should treat it like any large . By the time the massage therapist gets paid they are probably going to see around 25% of the price the client paid for the massage. Most massage therapist will have to account for empty slots in the average workweek and clients becoming discouraged when they cannot schedule the more desirable slots.

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