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Following delivery, approximately 13% of new mothers experience a major depressive episode (Wisner et al., 2002). Having experienced postpartum depression and anxiety four times myself, I know how difficult it can be to feel crippled by depression or anxiety right when you most want to be at your best. My hope is that these pages will make the process of seeking help smoother for you by helping you understand the various postpartum depression treatment options a little bit better. Self-Help for Postpartum Depression is typically recommended for mild to moderate symptoms of depression or anxiety.
The aim of postpartum psychotherapy is to provide a safe space in which you can examine your feelings, thoughts, and concerns, and receive insights and tools to help you make the changes you desire.
Visiting your physician for a check up is an important step in treating postpartum depression.
There is a multitude of research now on alternative treatment modalities for postpartum depression.
The most well-researched alternative methods for postpartum depression include: Exercise, Massage, Acupuncture, Light Therapy, Doulas or Home Visitors, and Nutritional Supplements including Omega-3 Fatty Acids.
Actaea Racemosa is the best natural Homeopathic medicine for Postpartum Depression where sadness and tearfulness predominate.
Sepia Officinalis is the top natural Homeopathic medicine for tackling irritability over the slightest cause during Postpartum Depression. Two best natural Homeopathic medicines for dealing with anger during Postpartum Depression are Belladona and Chamomilla.
Homeopathic medicines Aconitum Napellus is one of the best herbal remedies for depression and anxiety in Postpartum Depression patients who have a marked fear of death.The anxiety that gets worse in crowded places and while crossing the streets points towards the use of Aconitum Napellus. Homeopathic medicine Coffea Cruda is one of the best cures for depression and is a wonderful remedy to cope with the problem of sleeplessness in women going through Postpartum Depression. Aurum Metallicum is the top natural Homeopathic remedy for Postpartum Depression patients as it provides holistic treatment for depression and is indicated in patients who feel it’s useless to live, life is a burden and constantly think of committing suicide. The topic of post postpartum depression can be viewed by some as shameful and therefor not discussed openly. However, few studies have examined these alternative treatments for depression occurring in the postpartum period.
Papakostas, MD is Director of Treatment-Resistant Depression Studies in the Department of Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital and Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School in Boston.
I also know that it can be challenging for we moms (and dads) to admit that we just might need some outside help if we’re ever going to feel better. For instance, if you are experiencing The Baby Blues, a mild and temporary condition with symptoms like weepiness, irritability, and feeling like you’re on an “emotional roller-coaster” during the first weeks postpartum, then self-help is a great way to begin.
If your symptoms seem to intensify or if they persist longer than two weeks or so, you may be experiencing a pregnancy or postpartum mood or anxiety disorder, in which case it is probably time to look into some of these other options. He or she can check your thyroid (which is often out of whack in postpartum women and can mimic depression), rule out any conflicting medical conditions, and ensure that everything is medically ok. When considering medication as a postpartum depression treatment option, it is important to find a physician who understands the use of medication in pregnancy and postpartum. These non-medical interventions have been shown to help alleviate the symptoms of postpartum depression either on their own, or in conjunction with other postpartum depression treatments. All of these methods are considered generally safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women, so it is often beneficial for women to add one or two to their treatment regiment. There are many options out there, and when working with experienced providers who understand pregnancy and postpartum emotional health, postpartum depression treatment is highly effective.
The woman requiring this Homeopathic medicine is very sad, weeps a lot and the sadness gets worse from motion and cold.
Irritability associated with the fear of being alone and aversion to do any work, either mental or physical, can be managed with this Homeopathic medicine.
Belladona is the ideal Homeopathic medicine for women who complain of anger that comes and goes suddenly alongwith the face turning red.

Such women easily get angry over the slightest contradiction and any fright brings a feeling of depression. I told him all what was wrong with me and by God grace all the remedy he brought for me to be used for my treatment i used them accordingly and as we are speaking am totally healed.
Click This link To Understand the Side Effects of the above mentioned Homeopathic Medicines. We do not claim to cure any disease which is considered' incurable ' on the basis of scientific facts by modern medicine .The website’s content is not a substitute for direct, personal, professional medical care and diagnosis. Underscoring the importance of maternal dietary supplementation of omega-3 fatty acids, the high fetal demand for these fatty acids can lead to a 50% reduction of the maternal levels (Hornstra, 2000). If the preliminary data on omega-3 fatty acids' positive mood effects are corroborated in larger studies, they will become a safe and healthful treatment option for depression occurring during pregnancy and the postpartum period. But as a postpartum depression expert for over 15 years, I know that perhaps the most challenging part of postpartum depression treatment is knowing how and where to find help once we finally acknowledge we need it. If you don’t feel comfortable for any reason, it’s ok and even recommended to try someone else.
Talking with your knowledgeable medical or mental health provider can help you determine which options are best for you. As a multiple postpartum depression survivor and as a postpartum treatment provider I can attest that you can not only overcome your symptoms, but that you can become the mother or father you desire to be, and even flourish. Homeopathic medicine Aconitum Napellus is the best cure for depression and is very beneficial in all those cases where acute, sudden and violent attacks of anxiety occur with a marked fear of death and open air makes the Postpartum Depression patient feel better. Oversensitive patients who have sudden mood changes from laughing to weeping and who experience sleeplessness that gets worse after 3 am can greatly benefit by this Homeopathic medicine.Homeopathic medicine Coffea Cruda and Opium are natural remedies for depression where Opium can be given to patients who feel sleepy but remain awake due to acuteness of hearing.
Natrum Sulphuricum too is a top Homeopathic remedy for suicidal thoughts and a feeling of worthlessness in Postpartum Depression patients.
One of the foundations of Homeopathy is to address each individual from a holistic approach. Women with a previous history of depression are at a particularly high risk for depression (Wisner et al., 2002). Many women look forward to a renewed intimacy with their partners after the pregnancy and prefer not to take medications with such a side effect.
Ask your partner or other support person to help you, and keep searching until you find the therapist who is a right fit for you.
A knowledgeable doctor will discuss all of your options and help you weigh the benefits of what is best for you. The exact cause is not known but hormonal changes have a role in causing Postpartum Depression.
It is also the ideal medicine when the woman develops an aversion to family members who she loved and cared for before the onset of symptoms.
It is also of great help for women who want to run away, laugh excessively and tear things in fits of anger. There’s also an increased thirst for large quantities of cold water during the anxiety attack.Homeopathic medicine Arsenicum Album is another remedy of great help for anxiety with fear of death in Postpartum Depression patients. The patients have to exercise much self-control to prevent themselves from commiting suicide.The patients who are very sad with an aversion to talk to others can benefit by this Homeopathic medicine.
The holistic point of view takes into consideration that we are human beings with a mind-body connection. Medication is not a permanent solution but can be a great help in postpartum depression recovery, especially when it is coupled with psychotherapy or alternative treatment modalities. Another marked feature accompanying sadness is suspiciousness and the woman refuses to take any medicine.
Natural Homeopathic medicine Kali Carbonicum is a remedy of great help for women facing Postpartum Depression in whom irritability of the utmost degree has set in and the woman has a fear of ghosts and fears being left alone. Homeopathic medicine Chamomilla is the best remedy for Postpartum Depression patients who easily get angry and turn quarrelsome with the use of wild language, and show no respect for others.

The patient refuses to take the medicine because she thinks that death is near and it’s useless to take any medicine. Homeopathy for depression and anxiety has proven itself to be the best and the most natural mode of treatment,specially for patients suffering from postpartum depression.The Homeopathic remedies for Postpartum Depression are made of natural substances and have no side effects that can bring permanent relief from the symptoms.
This symptom is accompanied by marked restlessness, making the patient continually change position, excessive weakness and the tendency to even faint.The anxiety attacks that get worse at night and make the person fearful to be alone also guide towards the use of Homeopathic medicine Arsenicum Album.
Attending weekly therapy sessions, however, is frequently difficult for women who are looking after one or more small children at home. If you ask me, I’m likely to describe a number of potential contributors that can ultimately be tagged with the impressionist psychiatric descriptor of postpartum depression, anxiety, and psychosis. The Homeopathic treatment for postpartum depression can effectively cure the condition as the homeopathic medicines work to root out the underlying cause of Postpartum Depression.
Cimicifuga Racemosa is the top Homeopathic remedy for patients of Postpartum Depression who complain of alteration in the physical and mental symptoms. Lilium Tigrinum is another Homeopathic medicine that yields good results in Postpartum Depression where extreme irritability with violent palpitations are predominant symptoms. The medical approach to postpartum depression may include hormone replacement therapy and antidepressants. Ignatia Amara is another good Homeopathic medicine for Postpartum Depression that presents itself in the form of sadness and tearfulness where the woman has a very sensitive mood and gets angry from even a slight contradiction. A symptom to take note ofwhile recommending and using this Homeopathic medicineis an increase in irritability when spoken to where the woman will use the most violent and indecent words even if the other person is very mild in speech.
In women who have a difficulty in controlling their emotions and whose mood changes rapidly from happiness to sadness, Homeopathic medicine Ignatia Amara can be of great help. Another two important Homeopathic medicines for tackling weeping and sadness during Postpartum Depression are Natrum Muriaticum and Pulsatilla Pratensis. Here are my complaints: Research on pregnancy-related mood disorders rarely controls for metabolic and inflammatory markers that we know to be derailed in the setting of most of what we call depression. Natrum Muriaticum is the best Homeopathic remedy for a woman who has an aversion to company, weeps alone and whose condition gets worse if someone tries to console her. The more we think about natural supplements the way we do medication — one pill for one disease — the further we get from understanding and appreciating their true potential. They state, “One of the biological factors for PPD may be higher levels of homocysteine,” and go on to discuss the results of their study, which assessed Edinburgh-confirmed postpartum depression and found elevated homocysteine at both 1-2 days postpartum and 6 weeks after delivery. Unsurprisingly to me, serotonin played a less predictable role (because depression is not a serotonin deficiency!). Let’s understand why homocysteine is a good candidate marker for a complex inflammatory syndrome that likely involves diet- and environment-driven immune reactivity inside and outside the brain: An amino acid pathway, the methionine-homocysteine pathway plays a critical role in widespread bodily functions including production of the body’s principal methyl-donor, SAMe, and the body’s primary antioxidant glutathione. Through these two responsibilities, recycling of homocysteine accomplishes the following (and more) brain-relevant tasks: Production of myelin around nerve sheaths Production of neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine Support of nerve cell membranes through phospholipid production Management of oxidative stress B12, B9, and B6, all of which have been fingered as important nutrients for mood and brain health, are directly involved in the “one-carbon cycle,” which recycles homocysteine. For instance, MTHFR genetic mutations can render you up to 70% less efficient at converting food or synthetic folic acid into a form that your brain can use to make DNA, RNA, neurotransmitters, and fatty acids. Theories of immune response have evolved to account for the interplay between genetics, environmental triggers, and hormones in such a way that makes postpartum onset mood and anxiety disorders a perfect candidate for viewing through this complex lens.
What we have here is an opportunity to resolve and prevent complex neuroendocrine phenomenon through diet, environmental exposure modification, and stress response, while also supporting a health pregnancy, birth, and postpartum recovery. This is the new face of postpartum depression, root-cause resolution and full-body risk rehabilitation rather than medication treatment that sidesteps the whole enterprise of healing. It is the most bang for your buck in terms of cardiovascular benefit and specifically enhancing mitochondrial health because it puts a special kind of stress on the body when you move to your max for 30 seconds, then recover for 90.

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