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An online pharmacy is selling a 'homeopathic owl' remedy that is prescribed to people with owl 'characteristics' like insomnia. The Natural, Medicine Free Approach To Getting Better Sleep; Sleepora is designed to help people with insomnia and sleeplessness reduce stress, anxiety, improve sleep quality and help get people back into balance with their natural sleep cycle.
Health Mapper allows people with long-term health conditions to monitor their health condition so as they can gain perspective on their health, spot triggers and patterns, and better inform their doctors on how they’ve been.

Sleepstation is an online version of the therapy which our sleep doctors use in clinic to treat patients with insomnia.
Use this app to log sleeping & activity to help identify patterns that may be affecting your sleep.
Sleepio is a clinically-proven sleep improvement programme – improve your sleep with CBT, not pills.

Freeman's is one of the UK’s largest homeopathic pharmacies and has been supplying clients in the NHS including the Glasgow Homeopathic hospital for many years.

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