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Quality sleep is one of the most fundamental nutrients that every person needs in order to perform at their optimal. Sleep deprivation dramatically reduces human growth hormone secretion and testosterone production. Sleep deprivation also reduces insulin receptor sensitivity leading to increased susceptibility to diabetes type II. In athletes, sleep deprivation reduces glycogen synthesis in skeletal muscle and liver cells. Effective sleep recovery depends upon the period of time in which the sleep deprivation has occurred.
Issues such as the poor economy and smaller work forces are leading more people to work longer hours. The two main types of sleep are rapid-eye-movement (REM) sleep and non-REM sleep (WebMD 2010). REM sleep, which is about 20% of total sleep, initially lasts about 10 minutes and lengthens with each subsequent cycle, lasting up to an hour in the last phase (WebMD 2010). During REM sleep the eyes move rapidly back and forth and the body’s muscular contraction activity is minimal. During non-REM sleep, dreams are less emotional and there are fewer visual-impression dreams than during REM sleep.
In acute total sleep deprivation studies, subjects are kept awake continuously, generally for 24–72 hours.
The importance of quality sleep should be part of the exercise professional’s common message to clients attempting to achieve optimal health.
But today I ran across the following BuzzFeed video that I really thought you would want to see and get an idea of how not sleeping enough can have an effect on your outward appearance (let alone anything going on internally).
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A slew of research concludes that the proven secret to better sleep has nothing to do with popping pills.Insomnia is vexing. Sleep deprivation creates a heightened stress response within the body that disrupts normal healing and tissue rejuvenation processes.
Both of these hormones are responsible for tissue healing and boosting metabolism to burn fat and build muscle as well as for providing a healthy immune response.

Researchers have found that a reduction of sleep to 4 hours for 2 consecutive nights decreased circulating leptin levels and increased ghrelin levels as well as self-reported hunger. Sleep deprivation also dramatically increases the risk of heart disease, cancer, and overall mortality.
In a study performed by the USCD School of Medicine, regions of the brain`s prefrontal cortex displayed enhanced activity in sleep deprived individuals during simple verbal tasks. Cognitive and endocrine function is recovered more rapidly after acute total sleep deprivation than after chronic sleep restriction.
During the night, sleep patterns repeat cyclically, moving sequentially through four stages of non-REM sleep, each of which is followed by REM sleep. It is during this stage that it is difficult to wake a sleeper, and if awakened, the person will feel disoriented for several minutes. Alhola and Polo-Kantola add that sleep serves as a restorative process for energy resources, tissue recovery, thermoregulation and cognitive function.
In chronic partial sleep deprivation research, subjects’ sleep time is restricted over the course of several consecutive nights.
In reviewing the research, Knutson found several studies demonstrating that people who get less than 6 hours of sleep a night have a higher association with having or getting these serious maladies. The immune system has many different types of cells and proteins designed to protect the body from foreign substance invaders, such as colds and the flu. Good sleep can help clients effectively solve problems, be innovative and creative, cope successfully with stress, impede the onset of weight gain and be more alert and productive during the waking day.
I love blogging about content that will help you live the life you dream of (including but not limited to elimination of debt, wealth building, health tips, etc) as well as teaching people how to earn an income by blogging about their passions. Thank you for stopping by, and we hope that this information helps you to overcome adversity! Sleep deprivation increases allostatic load on the body and rapidly accelerates the aging processes. Frequent activation of the body`s natural stress response, essential for adapting to acute survival threats, can damage the body in the long run.
Sleep deprivation causes a decrease in lean body tissue, an increase in fat storage and decreased immune coordination.
Coordination, balance and reaction time are also known to be reduced in chronically sleep deprived individuals.

These professions, and many others, may disturb sleep patterns, compromising cognitive performance and leading to serious health consequences. Sleep deprivation, which can be either acute or chronic, is the condition of not having enough sleep (see Figure 1 for the signs).
Chronic partial sleep deprivation is the more common of the two and is highly associated with real-life conditions for most people. However, with sleep deprivation the immune system may function improperly, making the body more vulnerable to these ailments. It was hypothesized that the brain was compensating for reduced neural coordination with increased metabolic activity.
It has been shown that night-shift workers have poorer sleep, reduced performance and alertness, and higher accident rates compared with those who work during the day (Rajaratnam & Arendt 2001).
Interestingly, REM sleep increases when people are learning a new task, and REM sleep deprivation will interfere with the learning process (Hobson 2009). Stage 1 is also when sleepers experience sudden, jerky movements or muscle twitches, referred to as hypnic myoclonic jerks (WebMD 2010). For instance, creative and innovative mental processing appear to be much more negatively impaired than decision making and planning (Kilgore 2010). However, most people can easily reset their sleep pattern when experiencing a 1- to 2-hour time zone difference. In its chronic form, it is associated with greater risk of anxiety, depression, hypertension, diabetes, accidents and pain.Most of us who suffer from insomnia – and more than one-third of adults can make such a claim – have tried everything. Higher allostatic load increases the risk for sickness, injury, disease and early mortality.
This article will describe the types and stages of sleep and discuss the deleterious effects of sleep deprivation on cognitive performance and health. Alhola and Polo-Kantola observe that acute sleep loss can also impair reaction time, memory assignments, visuomotor skills and reasoning skills.
Healthy sleep cycles help to reduce allostatic load and allow individuals to adapt to life`s stressors more effectively.

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