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The way to a hearing aid fitting often begins with a feeling that your hearing is not as it should be or that your hearing has worsened.
A hearing care professional determines with the help of a hearing test whether or not a hearing loss is present.
From here on, the assumption is that you have a sensorineural hearing loss (that you have nerve damage to the inner ear).
If all of the X's (for the left ear) and all of the 0's (for the right ear) fall above the line you just drew, you have normal hearing. Your hearing loss is classified according to how far down the graph the marks go, and in what freqencies the loss occurs.

Assesses hearing acuity using conditioned responses to sound by engaging in play-oriented activities.
This test is usually performed with earphones to obtain ear-specific and frequency-specific information about hearing acuity. Once the child is conditioned, threshold of hearing can be determined by decreasing signal intensity. Making a serious mistake, family pressure, or safety concerns are also reasons people often cite for seeking a hearing solution.
In the case where a hearing loss is present, the kind and degree of your hearing loss is determined individually for each ear and entered in an audiogram.

This chapter provides an overview of early identification and quantification of hearing loss, as well as management strategies and amplification.

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