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Reverse Hearing Loss is a downloadable 117 page, user-friendly, highly-detailed eBook that promises to cure your hearing loss using foods you can buy from a grocery store. These foods can cure your hearing when taken at the right times of day and in the right order. By repairing these tissues – like the tissues within your ear – you can reverse hearing loss. Basically, you read Reverse Hearing Loss, purchase all of the ingredients listed, then eat those foods at certain times of the day. Sam also claims that Reverse Hearing Loss has been used successfully by over 45,000 people.
Most of the foods in Reverse Hearing Loss involve delivering your recommended daily value of the above nutrients along with other important vitamins and minerals. Sam Miller claims that 45,000 people have successfully used the lessons in Reverse Hearing Loss to reverse their hearing loss. The main criticism of Reverse Hearing Loss, however, is that people lose their hearing for different reasons. Some people lose their hearing by physically injuring their ear drum, for example, while others lose their hearing because of excessive wax buildup, ear infections, or repeated exposure to loud noises. Reverse Hearing Loss only addresses a type of hearing loss called sensorineural hearing loss – which is the term for when the hair cells in your inner ear become damaged.

Another criticism of Reverse Hearing Loss is that you don’t necessarily need to buy the foods listed in Reverse Hearing Loss: you can just as easily take a vitamin supplement instead. Ultimately, the foods listed in Reverse Hearing Loss will make you a healthier person overall (because you’re getting your daily recommended value of certain nutrients). At the Reverse Hearing Loss website, you’ll discover that the author wanted his identity to remain a secret, so he works under a pseudonym instead.
There are no further details available about the author – although he does tell an entertaining story about how he discovered the ancient Amish hearing loss techniques and cured his own hearing problems.
If you’re suffering from hearing loss, then you should talk to a doctor instead of turning to some online eBook that promises a magical cure. If you’re suffering from hearing related problems and are looking for an alternative to expensive hearing aids or surgery you may want to look into natural treatments for hearing loss. Improve Your Hearing Naturally provides you with alternative treatments to fight hearing loss. For a long time, I tried to use my thrice-daily spam-blasting time as a way to build empathy for the people I know who have had to deal with both the annoyances and frustrations of late-onset hearing loss and the neverending aggravations of both well-meaning and not-so-well-meaning people who insist that there must be an easy cure just around the corner, if only they'd keep looking for it. Mirabai Knight is the sole proprietor of StenoKnight CART Services, which provides verbatim Communication Access Realtime Transcription (CART) to Deaf and hard of hearing students and professionals onsite in New York City and remotely across the country. But that being said, regardless of the time frame, this is an extremely detailed and well-written guide on hearing loss and a lot can be learned from it (even if it does not work in the miracle-marketing ways as promised and promoted).

If you do that, then Sam promises that you will have “crystal clear hearing” in 3 weeks or less.
Your body cannot regrow hair cells on its own – which is why hearing loss is permanent without medical intervention. The author claims to have cured 45,000 people of their hearing problems – but there’s little evidence to support that statistic. There must be a pill you can take, a device you can buy, an exercise method you can do, that's better than any hearing aid, that can make you good as new again, that can take care of all your problems. I wasn't learning anything new about the attempted exploitation of late deafened and hard of hearing people. There are natural methods you can use that will help with hearing loss, without surgery or hearing aids. Like I should be paying witness to the ways in which people with hearing loss are preyed upon, the ways in which spammers try to exploit and manipulate them. But even with a pretty disciplined sorting method, deleting hundreds of hearing-related spam messages every day was getting really, really tedious.

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