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The American Laryngological, Rhinological, and Otological Society conducted a study in 2010 that correlated zinc levels to post-treatment hearing thresholds of SSNHL patients.
John Wilson is a Hearing Instrument Specialist and Regional Director at AccuQuest Hearing Centers. In many cases, SSNHL occurs in only one ear, although sudden hearing loss can present bilaterally as well. Using a zinc group and a control group, the scientists found a significantly larger hearing gain and rate of recovery in those that received a zinc serum.
If you, or someone important to you, have a stable or gradual hearing loss or are concerned about a hearing loss other than SSNHL, contact an audiologist or a hearing health care professional at your nearby AccuQuest Hearing Center.

Though the study does not directly link zinc deficiency to SSNHL, vitamins still play an essential role in our overall health.
Around 45 percent of adults over 60 are deficient in zinc, which can play a pivotal part in building a healthy immune system. Thirty-two to 65 percent of patients do regain their hearing, and they are more likely to recover if the condition is diagnosed and addressed early.
Hearing health care professionals recommend that those patients experiencing SSNHL episodes receive an immediate audiological evaluation.
Several studies have linked zinc supplements as a potential component in treatment options for SSNHL.

Audiologists play a critical counseling role in the long-term management of sudden hearing loss. One theory for this correlation suggests that zinc strengthens the immune system and thereby helps fight infections that can lead to SSNHL.

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