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If you're thinking of filing a claim for Social Security Disability with hearing loss, be sure to read our tips and tricks for applying for benefits with hearing loss. When these hairs are damaged, the electrical signals are not transmitted effectively, and Hearing Loss may result.
Additionally, extended periods of exposure to loud noise at work (construction or factory work) or during recreation (loud music, firearms discharge, or motorcycling) can also lead to Hearing Loss. Sensorineural Hearing Loss not only affects the ability to hear faint sounds, but also affects the ability to understand speech. The most common cause of Hearing Loss is aging, but Hearing Loss can occur at any age and under most conditions. It is not uncommon for people with severe Hearing Loss to have a difficult time getting or keeping a job.
Your doctor may then try a tuning fork test, which may show whether the parts of your ear that vibrate to sound are damaged.

If your doctor believes you may have Hearing Loss, he or she will often refer you to an audiologist, who will conduct an audiometer test. Hearing Loss is categorized in the Social Security Administration (SSA) Blue Book under Section 2.00, Special Senses and Speech. Average hearing threshold sensitivity for air conduction of 90 decibels or greater, and for bone conduction to corresponding maximal levels, in the better ear, determined by the simple average of hearing threshold levels at 500, 1000, and 2000 Hz.
If you are disabled because of Hearing Loss that is severe enough to prevent you from working, you may be entitled to Social Security Disability benefits.
The attorney or advocate can represent you in front of the administrative law judge (ALJ) to help ensure that your Hearing Loss disability case will have the highest possible chance of success.
Hearing Loss is any degree of impairment of the ability to apprehend sound and can range from mild to severe.
From the need to have people face you when they talk to the frustration of not understanding a conversation because too many individuals are talking simultaneously, hearing loss can make you face many hurdles in your efforts to interact with others.

Ear wax can be removed, hearing aids can be prescribed, or cochlear implants can be considered.
Working closely with medical professionals and a qualified Social Security Disability attorney or advocate can help collect and present the appropriate documentation to support your disability claim.
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